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Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday's Feast - First Time Flogged

Friday's Feast ~ Feast Ninety-Two

From which country(s) are some (or all) of your ancestors?
Ireland and England

How would you describe your sneeze?
Double sneeze

What is the last thing you cleaned?
Oh dear ... that would be my kitchen. Spic and Span. Yup counters, outside of cupboards, bleached the sinks, cleared the clutter, baseboards. It was awesome. 'course that was about 3 weeks ago. Help!

Main Course
Who made the strongest first impression on you?
'mmm ... you're making me think ay? That's hard for ICL after one glass of chardonay, ay? hee

I'm gonna wimp out and state the obvious. That would be my pool boy! We had a blind squash date (ya that's what I said ~ the game with the rackets, small ball and 4 walls). By the next morning I was calling my gf to find out what he thought of me (it was a foursome squash date ~ 2 courts though) I was already a smitten kitten! Good thing he was a huppy puppy. He later confessed that he liked the idea of a squash game as a first blind date 'cause he got to see me in shorts! So to make a long story short, we were engaged within five weeks and married within five months. It's 17 years this August. Ya, I'd say he made an impression, and still does! (Not that I don't rag on him every chance I get. LOL)

Name one thing you want to accomplish in your lifetime.
A marathon. That'll be a stretch goal for me with all of my bobos. (back, knee, feet) But I can dream!

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