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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Float and Bloat

Ah, another glorious day in paradise! Sun is shining, birds are singing, it's Sunday!

Alot different than what is going on in other parts of the world, which worries me. My stress is limited to my 'to do' list, my bills, my family and friend's troubles, my grief and own self pity. Stupid things in the grand scheme of things. I try not to dwell on them for that reason and to be thankful for everything in my life. I digress, but there's a point to be made here. The lack of control that I feel about world events and politics can be all consuming. So I tend to live in the moment. I will do what I'm doing with all my heart and soul for that moment. This applies to work and leisure. I go all out. And when I blog (leisure), I choose to blog about stupid and crazy things, spiritual things, rants, things that may make someone laugh or think. Things that will make them want to come back and read more or not come back at all. What you see is what you get. I am spiritual and loving and human. This is the complexity of me.

After I finish writing this, I plan to get ready and go to church. Then I have nothing planned except puttering, reading, maybe doing some chores (I said maybe), floating in the pool and enjoying the day. I will entertain all options and combinations of possibilities. Like yesterday, I went on an hour long bike ride at the spur of the moment with my daughter. I feel I should do more (like the 'to do' list), but recent events and challenges personally have made me stop and smell the roses, slow down a little and try not to feel so guilty about it.

So this is getting really boring so I'm going to switch it up now and blog about my silly women's stuff. Oh, so guys, you should go now. Ya you. And you too. Go fix the car, go for your run, bike ride, another blog, whatever...(play with someone ...hee). Don't keep reading or you'll be sorry!!

So Thursday Ms. Flow came to see me (surprise, surprise ...I'm always surprised!) I don't track that stuff. I keep saying I should because I swear the cycles are getting shorter and shorter. Is it menopause around the corner? I'm always the one who asks for the calendar at the doctors office when I'm there for my annual pap smear and after studying it awhile and try to relate it to events that happened on certain dates I still have only about a 50% chance of getting it right within a five day period so I make something up and announce it to the nurse with certainty "Sept 28 was the first day of my last period." as I make a mental note to myself to start putting small p's in my on line calendar at work (the only calendar I use). Ya, no one will know what that means! This mental note is forgotten until said next annual doctor's appointment at which point I think ....darn, I knew I forgot to do something these past years [ya I usually can't remember when I had this last appointment and have to call the drs office to confirm - "When did I have my last pap smear? Oh 2004, thanks well can I make an appointment for one now? Oh, you have a 3 month waiting list. No problem, my fault anyways. I'll take a cancellation booking if one does come up." (unless I die of cancer before then). ] If I reme mber to ever do the 'p' thing in my calendar and I start noticing that people leave me the heck alone, right before I put the next's month's 'p' on the calendar, I'll let you know. They might be on to my little code in which case I will change it to a 'y?' meaning 'why again?'.

Anyways, I've digressed again about 3 times from my main point that I wanted to talk about the dreaded 'B' word. B-L-O-A-T. I usually get it right before Ms. Flow but somehow he came at the same time this month. When I came home from work and got changed, I couldn't believe when I looked in the mirror. I looked like I wanted to look like when I was nine months pregnant (I actually looked a lot worse when I was 9 months pregnant 'cause the B-L-O-A-T went from head to toe). I admired my belly for while I fantasized for awhile and then came the shocking reality. Oh ya, I'm not pregnant. Damn, this sucks! Put on my bathing suit anyways, (the dogs don't care what I look like) and proceeded down for me cool down swim after my bike ride home from work. Nice. Really nice. Soon forgot about the swollen belly, mainly because after I ate I was zonked and went right to bed. Oh, another by product of my first day with Ms. p, F or whatever she wants to call herself. That was kinda the reason for my late post on Stuff Portrait Fridays. Anyways I'm feelin' like me old self again. One of the benefits with these seemingly more frequent visits as I approach my late forties is that they are shorter. So I guess it evens out in the end!

Are you still reading? I told you to stop. OK you're too nice now go play some golf.


Gracie said...

I completely relate to your irritation with Ms. Flow and Mr. Bloat. Of course, since my doctor decided we needed to put a halt to their violent returns, I've not had to deal with them in almost a year! Hallelujah!
Having to deal with the "other stuff" has been um...a challenge, but now, almost a year later, I think we may have things under control.

I'm off to do much the same as you...so enjoy your Sunday!

The Kept Woman said...

I'm done having kids and would like to sign up for menopause now so I can just forgo the whole Aunt Flo thing.

happy and blue 2 said...

I enjoyed the first part of the post but I have no idea what the rest said. I heeded your advice, and left, ha,ha..