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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Have they no honour?

Well our local Canada Day story which is clogging the airwaves of local talk radio is the antics of some Canada Day revellers who lost their judgement (or did they ever have it?) and urinated on the National War Memorial which contains the tomb of the unknown soldier from WWI.

CBC News Article with picture

Sad, but true, my friends. People are questioning why there isn't a regular 'honour' guard posted nearby such as a Governor General's footguard.

I just heard a news broadcast that they had identified two of the three involved, but cannot reveal their identities because of the Youth Protection Act. The third is still being sought but is not believed to be from the Ottawa area. Charges are pending but not known at this time.

News Clip from CBC NEWs

I couldn't wait until Waste of Space Monday to blog about this.


Teena said...

I heard about this on the radio this morning. Disgraceful!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Latest updates:



The two youths will not be charged but will be dealt with extra judicial measures under the Youth Criminal Justice Act such as a letter of apology or community service.

A 23-year-old man is expected to be charged with mischief.

Irish Church Lady :) said...



Shna said...

That is horrible and so disrespectful! I didn't even hear about it until I read this.

Karen said...

I saw this story. I think urinating in public anywhere deserves punishment. I'm not sure if I feel that urinating on a monument deserves special punishment (I know it houses honourable remains, but still).

Wouldn't a fence work better than an honour guard if it's so important to keep pee off it? What about bird poop? Is that disrespectful too? Maybe we should wrap the monument in protective plastic.

Sigh. Why is it always "the Americans have one so we should too". It's honour guard envy is all it is.