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Friday, July 07, 2006

SPF - 3 in 1

Kristine is getting married this week and she still found time to assign us an SPF! W O W!

In the wedding theme,
1. Your Love (show us some love)
2. Take us on a Honeymoon! (bring us somewhere with your pictures)
3. Something Blue (No sad faces before my wedding!)

My pic is the same for all 3 ~ here's why:

  1. It's a picture of my love. He kinda looks like my hubby. hee hee
  2. It was taken in Florida last year, and Florida is where we spent our honeymoon!
  3. Lot's of blue in it, sky, water, cap, shorts...

I hope Kristine and Shaun have a great wedding and honeymoon! xoxo


Susan said...

I'm not sure, but I think you may have cheated! LOL

Nice shot and it's actually pretty clever to fit them all in. :)

Happy SPF!

Sheri & SuZan said...

Well what do you know...a three for one, or I guess that would be a one for three.

Very clever ICL!

Have a great weekend. I played.

Teena said...

Nice shot!

I played too :)

Carrie said...

Very clever! Three in one! Love it!

I played. :)

Fleur De Lisa said...

You are so sharp, using the same picture for all three!

You are on it, girl!

Have a fantastic weekend!