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Thursday, July 20, 2006

TT - What's bugging me?

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What's bugging me?
  1. There are 40,000 Lebanese Canadians living in Lebanon and they are being transported back to Canada by boat as we speak at taxpayers expense. Some of these are Lebanon nationals, who emigrated to Canada, took out citizenship and then retreated back to Lebanon to live where it's warm, planning to return to Canada as senior citizen's when they could benefit more from the national health care system. Sponges. I don't begrudge their hardships right now because of what is going on in Lebanon. I don't think they should be allowed to become Canadian citizens to begin with because their motives are not right. How to prevent this? Hire intuitive, inquisitive, detective like, detail oriented spys people like me. I'll sniff 'em out. 'nuff said.
  2. I saw a bug run into the corner of my kitchen last night.
  3. I just inherited a fairly new project at work and it is already behind. I have yet to start a project at the beginning and have it fall behind at my own peril! It's usually because they double book PM's on more than one project and you are expected to wrap one up while starting another which is nuts. I already have at least a full week's worth of stuff to do to get it caught up by next week and I am only supposed to be working 50% on this project. PeeNuts!
  4. My holidays spirit is quickly being sucked outa me after on three days at werk.
  5. I have to pay my professional fees and I can't find the bill and they are already late. My mail, paperwork, bills suck are not nice.
  6. My granddog completely chewed a new pair of me undies last night that didn't quite make it into the hamper in the bathroom. I wouldn't care if the were old ones. They are tossed.
  7. I bombed today in the exercise department. No biking to work and no run. Too tired and muscles sore this morning, no time to run at lunch due to meetings scheduled over the lunch period due to people's already full schedules (it's summer people!), and too cranky tonight to go and tired of getting home too late from work. Just called me Pool Boy and said get me outa here!
  8. I'm sad for Gracie. She's having a bad week. And Pupster, but she'll be okay. She told us.
  9. My dining room table is still covered with dishes from my Mum's place. Things I can't bear to get rid of but no place to put them. I want to give some of them to my daughters when they move out. I need to get my a$$ in gear and organize everything to put away, soon!
  10. Sometimes I kill bugs and sometimes I save them. What's bugging me about this is I discriminate. Spiders skating across the pool get saved. Spiders found inside get put outside. Drowning earwigs, bees, centipedes in the pool stay drowned. Ants in the pool running up my leg get drowned.
  11. I don't consider myself to be racist or biggoted at all, but when I read what I write about discriminating against certain species of bugs and not wanting freeloading immigrants in my country I start to wonder.
  12. Time goes too fast. I didn't get to play Way Back Wednesday though I think I had a picture of the inside of my parents old house where I grew up with the really red carpet that needed vacuuming every day and sometimes twice a day. Golly we hated the carpet. It showed every spec of dust.
  13. My girl did not win on Canada's next top model finale tonight. OK well it's not really bugging me but I'm running out of things to say which is a good thing, right?

What's bugging you?


Mama Duck said...

Awwww. Happy thursday, anyway!

Gracie said...

You made me tear up!

Such a sweet, thoughtful woman, you are.

Thank you.

Janet (fondofsnape@gmail.com) said...

spiders, eeeeeeeuuuuuuuuu!!! icky shivers...

my 13's up

Kimmy said...

Great list! You are bugged!

What bugs me? Healthcare in the US and deadbeat dads!!!!!

dawn said...

oh, I hope that your week gets a little better. I have a few things that were once my Dad's, I just dont know where to put them and the boxes are stacking up.

my list is up

MysteriousLady said...

LMAO! Come exterminate those tiny little ants I can't keep outta my house will ya?

Some bugs are nice bugs.

Happy Thursday!

Raggedy said...

LOL at bug discrimination...haha
My TT is up

Tracie said...

I don't kill spiders if they are outside, because I figure they will kill some other bugs for me, but if you are a bug and you come in my house...you are dead!

My TT is up!


Phew! Too many things are bugging you. Take a break and have a nice vacation.
My T13 is up too and hope it will take you away from those things that bug you.

Reverberate58 said...

I don't like bugs in the house but my cats take care of that so no worry there! Out side I just try to not get bit by any! And I don't think you are a racist or biggoted, you are just expressing your opinion!
My T13 is up! I hope you have a terrific Thursday!

Carmen said...

Bugs bug me too. Especially spiders. *shivers*

Barbara said...

What's 'bugging' me at the moment? A toe on my left foot I almost broke yesterday! The bathroom door was in the way - almost fainted! As for BUGS, I hate them all - even the 'parasites' that seem to want to over take us! Good list!

The Naked Nerd said...

I can't stand bugs. Especially spiders, they friggin creep me out. :)

Butterfly Kisses said...

Number 11 made me laugh!

Susan said...

I can't stand to have bugs in the house!!!! This is an interesting list.

My TT is up here.

mist1 said...

A long time ago, I went to my boyfriend's mountain home with his family. I was meeting the Grandmother and Grandfather. It was a very big deal.

The sweet hunting dogs decided to eat the crotch out of my panties and leave them strategically in the living room for all to see.

I wanted to die when his grandma handed me a dog slobbery lacy thong with no crotch.

Wethyb said...

Sorry to say but I'm racist.....I'll kill all those mother hummin' bugs! :) Die bugs, die! LOL.

~Ageless~ said...

My mom calls our dog her granddogger. I love it, made me smile.