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Thursday, August 10, 2006

thursday thirteen - why (and how) my family room is decorated in the Pirates of the Caribbean Theme

Week # 53, my #8 TT Get the T13 code or view other s :)

Mouse over the pictures to find the secret treasure!

1. Because I found this fantastic coffee table and I had to figure out how to decorate around it!
You can store videos and DVD's in it and everything!

2. And I saw this most bizarre floor vase at Pier1 that reminded me of a Mexico and I thought why not?
kinda has a cannon look and feel to it too

3. O and when I went looking for a ship I found this awesome 1920's (they told me) brass ship at an antique dealer that you plug in and it glows a flickering red light as if it's on fire or firing cannons at you!
bought in Toronto!!
4. Plus I got this other cool brass stuff to go with it at various places...ok some of it I already owned but the nautical stuff I bought. Ay-aye! RRRRR.... Like me fancy stolen jewels on the right matey?
good thing I was already a collector of brass, ay?

5. O ya and I found this other treasure chest at Pier1 that we store our remote controls in. Yes that's a basket of sea shells and a turtle ashtray that I got from me sister's MIL (RIP). Not used as an ashtray of course but it was just too cute and fit in with the theme.
As you can see, if I inherit or see something that fits in with my theme it soon finds a home!
6. Like my CD case holder with the nautical knots display?

opens to store CD's 7. ...and me wall candle holders (I have two of 'em)?
there's another matching candle holder on the other side of the fireplace ~ If you look real close that's a sea shell design in the center. 8. Ah the rustic wrought iron fireplace tools, complemented by a brass coloured glass vase recently acquired from me Mum's stuff that originally came from my Aunt. (RIP x 2)

the dying plant belonging to DQ girl - it's got the curse!my friend gave me this.  Isn't she a treasure? 9. O the ship book ends, alas, matey, no books, just one lonely CD. plus the sofa table that they're on is a gem!
10. More brass and the lamps are brass too.

11. O my, we're already at 11, I'd better get a move on. Me parrot cage, what pirate ship would be complete without a parrot? Brass fish and another ship and candle and world map photo albums adorn the speaker on top of the TV.

Looks like the parrot had some babies!
12. The sofa table at the back of the couch is way kool. It's made to look old and rustic looking with grooves in it. I got it at a scratch and dent sale. It had a scratch, but who cared with the style of it and the look I was going for?!!!
My aunt (RIP) far left with Baby Batgirl
13. Now what Pirates of the Caribbean theme would be complete without a real key. Remember the one from the jail cell with the little doggy who would not give it to the criminals? Well alls I'm sayin' is you'd better get your booty out to see the next movie!!
Alas, mateys, there's more to show but no more numbers so I tried to pic my favs for ya!

Now you know where those coins came from for me Saturday Photo Hunt! Find the treasure and you will be rich!

I was always fascinated by the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney and have been on it many many times during various visits as a teenager and as an adult with my own kids. (More on the ride)

When the movie came out I was thrilled! It was after the movie that I saw the trunk coffee table and got the idea. Who knew at the time that there would be a sequel and I'm hearing that there will be third as well! LOL at least my design will be 'in style' for a bit!

Oh well, I love it and I love me some Johnny Depp too! More Johnny & More Depp

Captain Sparrow to you sir

Hope you enjoyed my visual TT of me Pirates room.


tracifish said...

I tried to mouse over your photos but did not find the secret treasure...anyway, I love your bric-a brac!

Here's my TT


You might not think it's funny if you're liberal....

Gracie said...

Hubba Hubba! I'm lovin' me some Johnny Depp too. *whew*

And I LOVE your chest (coffee table). I've had my eyes open for a couple of years for the "perfect" one. Haven't found it yet, though I love yours. lol

Is it for sale? ;)

And just what were you doing up so early??

Curvey said...

Hi there! Great 13!!! Just Love it! I would love to have a house like that... i think there would be treasures just all around! Thanks for posting that!

Tink said...

Great tt! I love your coffetable!
My TT is up too.

Carmen said...

i like that first picture of the chest. It looks really cool.

Anonymous said...

what great decorating. I have no sense of style and my LR is very bland

Dawn said...

What a great T13 theme and me love the picutre of Johnny Depp :)

Cheeky said...

I LOVE that coffee table - I want one!!!!

The teenage daughter is so into the pirate thing now...hehe

I played too

Hey my word verification is:
kinda like ahoy...I dunno I am reaching...haha

Eagle Lover said...

Mysterious Lady will be jealous when she sees your decorations.
We went browsing at the pet store the other day for new accesories for my aquarium to set it up with a pirates theme. It won't be long until we have the black pearl in the bottom of the aquarium I am sure.

Wethyb said...

Wow! What a great decorating job!!! And Johnny Depp was so hot in 21 Jumpstreet :)

Jenny Ryan said...

Nice! I do love me some Johnny Depp! :)

Ghost said...

My desktop background is Cap'n Sparrow. Love that man. ;)

Geggie said...

Wow! I think we could have a treasure hunt in there for sure! Have a great day!

YellowRose said...

That was fun, enjoyed the treasure search!! Your family room is really lot's of fun too! Great idea!!

Happy Thursday, my TT is up!

Charmed1 said...

MMmmm... Johnny!

mist1 said...

Please remove the picture of my lover from your blog. Johnny and I like our privacy.

Trish said...

Love the coffee table!.. now if you could just get Johnny to live in there so you could take him out whenever you wanted... :D

Happy TT!
Mine are up.

Barbara said...

I love it!! I love the lighted brass ship. Nice pictures.

Nat said...

thats really cool! i love it!

Just Expressing Myself said...

Awesome table & I love everything you picked to go with it.
Thanks for sharing.
Take care,

BecK said...

Hi thank's for stopping by my tt and site! I always enjoy meeting another wiener lover!

The Pirate theme is great! I've always wanted to do a "movie" room in my house with bits and pieces of our favorites all over...you've inspired me!

And who couldn't love Johnny, he's just so pretty!!

Karen said...

its all great!! love it.

Lyn said...

Great theme. Well done. My T13 at Bloggin' Outloud is up - Classic Books I Never Read Edition. Thanks!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Wow, what treasures we find over here! No need of going on a treasure hunt, they're all here!

happy and blue 2 said...

I never saw any treasure. I moused over every picture. Now my mouse is tired and so am I.
I shall never read this post again, ha,ha..

TorAa said...

With a little help of VTM (Virtual Time Machine), I can verify you are accepted as Cyber Pirate Captain By the Viking Thor.