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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Happy Faces

I'm working from home today. I'm taking a blog break. What I mean is, I'm taking a break by doing this blog entry.

My office is filled with Happy Faces. I miss them today. But I love working from home more!

I even have a Jesus bumper sticker on my wall. That's why I'm called the Irish Church Lady.

Can you see me little Irish sheep on the shelf above?



Mr. Fabulous said...

Do all those smiley faces really work? Cause I need SOMETHING LOL

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Mr. Fab ~ it does!

Last week I was having a bad week at work - refer to Manic Monday post below and you'll get the picture.

My hubby reminded me to smile when he dropped me off at work in the morning so I smiled all day and you know when some bad sh^t happened I started to laugh. Twice that happened that day and if I hadn't been smiling I don't think I would have.

Love the smiley faces on your comments at your site BTW! Lots of choice there ~heee

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

There should be more smiles out there. Smile is contagious too. Think about it, the whole office starts to laugh!

What a blast it would be :-)

mist1 said...

I'm not sure if this is cute or creepy. Will get back to you.

Lisa said...

I see your Irish sheep hiding up there.

Lucky you- getting to work from home! :-)