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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Mist1 gave me an idea today. I love the show THE OFFICE. Do you?

Would you participate in a Thursday night / Friday/Saturday blog reviewing each week's episode of THE OFFICE?
Absolutely, I heart THE OFFICE
Maybe, when I have time
No, I don't watch THE OFFICE
No, I don't watch TV
Yes, even though I don't watch THE OFFICE, I would like to read the comments
I would read it, but I might not necessarily comment.
Yes, but only if I had something profound or funny to say.
I get enough of the office politics at work. Why would I want to watch a show about it?
No comment (na na na boo boo)
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mist1 said...

I love it when I get credit for something that I had no idea I was doing. Especially when it's something good.

Will make effort to watch the show on regular basis.

Karen said...

I could probably blog about 10 shows, but I don't ususally watch the Office until the weekend. TOO MUCH TV!!!! but I would read YOUR Office blog- spoilers never bother me...

Spikey1 said...

OMG, Marry me now! Was it not the best last week??? My fav show now ever! Is it Thursday yet? email me

at gmail dot com

Tammy said...

I hate that that show comes on during football practice. I've heard wonderful things about it. I love Steve Carrell.

The Kept Woman said...

I would read it and throw in stupid comments since I don't watch...I always forget but it looks like a funny show!

old lady said...

Oh I like that show! But I don't regularily watch anything, so I'd be not the best person for you.
You have one of my favorite songs in the world on! What a nice surprise!
(I read you lots. Just don't commnet. That's a lurker, right? It sounds so creepy. I'm not creepy.)

Cheeky said...

I keep hearing so many good things about this show but I have never really sat down and watched it - I always forget when its coming on.....

MysteriousLady said...

Well I only have every other weekend off, so I dunno. I can't do every weekend. Plus I've never watched the office. Otherwise, I'd play every other weekend. That wasn't an option!

Jana said...

Awesome idea - I'd love to do that!

Wethyb said...

I can't get into that show. Does Grey's Anatomy count for anything?? LOL.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Bethy - I can't believe you can't get into it! I got my running partner hooked on it after one episode. As we were leaving work tonight she said - "Only one more day to THE OFFICE!" LMAO

Jana - you're on. Come on by. We be chillin'.

ML - OMG girl you have to watch it. You would so like it! Thursday nights - check the link above. You can even see trailers from the show!

Cheeky - ditto what I told ML girl! Knowing your personality I cannot imagine you not lurving it!

Kare - I lurve you. A lurker coming out and you love THE OFFICE even though you don't watch it. And you love my music! You are special!

TKW - ditto. If you don't like it I'll move you back to TEXAS, that's how sure I am you'll love it!

Tammy - I loved Steve Carrell in 40 year old Virgin - even though I just saw the movie about 2 mos. ago. He's outstanding in THE OFFICE.

Spikey1 - now you know you and I are both married but I'll have a sordid OFFICE affair with you anytime! Pool Boy wants to know if Mrs. Spikey likes it ~ not that we're into foursomes!

Karen - yay! I know who to go to if I miss an episode!

Mist1 - you get all the glory. You are the wind beneath my wings. I hope you get the part!

Mathieu said...

Hi Mom, thought I would drop a comment considering I haven't left one yet, although, I do feel a little strange messaging in a post that discusses foursomes. Thank you for reminding me about The Office. The show started to get a little sappy near the end of last season, lets hope that will change. By the way have you seen Little Miss Sunshine? Steve Carrel stars in it and it's supposedly insanely funny. Check it out it's on DVD now. Oh, btw, the reason my website doesn't work is because there is an extra / in your link. This is the correct address: www.myspace.com/eau, oh and I got the job working for the school paper...allllllllright. Well I gotta start studying, hope everything is well at home, Love you.