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Friday, September 08, 2006

Stuff Portrait Fridays! ~ I played already!

"The Rules:
On Monday or Tuesday I will post 3 items. Sometimes I have a theme. On Friday you post your pictures of the three things listed.
Come back and let me know you played by posting a comment on my blog. Everyone that plays will come and visit (or at least I hope they do)
This game is for everyone. Encourage your players to play and comment on your blog if they played so you can get to know your readers. If you want to send them over here to let me know they played, Great!
Sept 8th, 2006
You've shown me your homes, your cars, your front doors, almost everything IN your house, your favorite things and the stuff that annoys you. Now you're going to show me your world.

My world is driving kids to and from school all day, but you've seen pictures of my kids and you know what a mini-van looks like right? This is a 'thinking' SPF. Yes, no kids, no dogs, no cats.
1. Your Freedom
2. Your Hope
3. Your Wish
Keep in mind, it's 'Your World'. "
OK I'm late. Hope my it's not a too lame a$$ SPF:
Welcome to my world that is not kids, dogs and cats!
My Freedom:

My home. I love it. My freedom will come when it's paid for. A number of years yet which isn't easy with 4 kids but I will feel a big burden lifted when finances don't feel so tight.

My Hope:

My hope was that there was one of these Rickard's Red's left in the fridge.

(There was which I am enjoying now while doing me SPF!)

My Wish:

Gifts from me MIL in our 17 year anniversary card.

(Ya I wish and hope we win ~ that'll be freedom!)

(O and the Rickard's Red is gone and it was gooooooood!)


Random and Odd said...

ahhh a true irish woman! I love your style!!

Suzanne R said...

I love your SPF! So glad you found what you wanted in your fridge. ;-) It looks interesting -- I can't drink any more since I'm on my diabetes medication and I really miss my light ale once in a while, if it's anything like what you were enjoying. May you also enjoy your freedom and your wish! Thanks for stopping by!

Wethyb said...

Beautiful house! Love it! And good luck winning that lotto :) Wouldn't that be awesome????

Thank you for your nice comments on my last post. I appreciate it!


Suzanne said...

Yummmmm! i want me some Rickards Red! Oooh how I miss me Rickards Red.

Janet said...

loved the pics, especially the beer!!!

Lisa said...

I haven't heard of Rickard's Red. Must be Canadian, eh? :-)

Good luck to you on the millions!

sometrouble said...

Great SPF! I love the beer photo, that makes me want some now too! I played!