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Friday, September 01, 2006

Stuff Portrait Fridays!

want us to post pictures of the following for
Sept 1st, 2006
SPF:1. Show your Support (everyone supports something right?)2. Show me your sacrifice (everyone makes them right?)3. Something red.

OK this isn't my church but it is a church, symbolic of what I support ~ my faith.

I lose too many days to busy-ness (busi-ness).

That's my sacrifice.

My fun, my emotional well being, gone with the sun, gone to bed, to wait for another day.

A little green from the Church Lady to go with your Red!

News Flash!

There are 114 shopping days until Christmas.

Happy SPF!


Lisa said...

And what a beautiful church it is! :-)
Where do the days go? Pretty sunset though.
I love your red flowers. Nothing prettier than red against green, even if it's not Christmas...yet!

Happy SPF and I played too!

The Kept Woman said...

Dang! Your 'support' and 'sacrifice' pictures are so deep and thoughtful! Very nice!

And PLEASE don't remind me of how many shopping days are left! I prefer to be blindsided and complain about it at the last minute!!! ;)

Cheeky said...


Army of Mom said...

All three pics are gorgeous! I love 'em!

The church picture is gorgeous. I drive my family crazy because every vacation we take, I want to see the old pretty churches and go to a mass, if we can. ;)

I played, come see!

Liza said...

I love your blog layout! very cool.

I didn't even think to put that I support my church! Very creative.

Your red photo is beautiful! I want to go smell the flowers! LOL!!

I played ;)

Kami said...

Great. Did you HAVE to go there with the shopping days? UGH!

Christie said...

happy spf!
I played :)

Dawn said...

That is a beautiful picutre of the church with the mountain in the background. Breath taking. I love it!

I was thinking this morning about how many shopping days it was until Christmas. I saw a cute countdown the other day and was going to go look for it.

Have a great weekend. Now that Patt is better I'm getting my life back so YEAH this weekend is all about ME!

mist1 said...

The red! Incredible photos.

I posted about Wiggy today, just for you.

Jana said...

I love the church picture!

I played!

Suzanne R said...

What a beautiful church! Great SPF in general -- love the stunning red flowers. Your pictures are gorgeous!

I played.

Gracie said...

THAT'S IT????? ::thud::

I'm going shopping this weekend!

SPF: You have a divine interpretation. Inspired, even.
The snow looks strange. LOL I've seen snow before, but it's strange to see it;therefore, it's strange to me. ;) The doggie is cute and looks awful comfy, too. And the red flowers are beautiful. Very striking.

We've got a three-day weekend here for Labor Day. Do you celebrate Labor Day too?

Suzanne R said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my SPF! I have posted answers to your questions in today's blog entry. I hope I covered them all! LOL!