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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hump Day Photo Pherrets - Updated

Hump Day Hunt - Week Forty-Two

Happy Hump Day, to all of my pherret friends.
Another hunt is here.

In fourteen hundred and ninety-two
Columbus sailed the ocean blue

And he discovered this week's word:
By saying America,
I am assuming you mean North America
so I'm putting up my picture of my Canada Flag cake.
Does anyone have a picture
of an American Flag Cake
I can link to??
Hey, thanks for your links Wystful1 and Betsy!
See sample below


Spikey1 said...

... and Im first over here! :)

Wow, I could use a piece of that right now as I am sipping my Tims at this very moment.

Wystful1 said...

Oh that looks so lucious!! *mouth watering*

Here's a site that has how to decorate a USA flag cake...dunno if this is what you wanted tho.
Cake Photos (hope the link works!

Thanks for the drop by today and I really appreciate the compliments you left.

Lisa said...

Awesome cake you've got there, ICL. Looks delicious too.

I'll have to dig about and see what I have for America. We Americans tend to forget that we aren't the only ones in the Americas! LOL :-)

Anonymous said...

Yummy looking cake! :)

Mine is about NORTH America as well. ;)

Anonymous said...

The cake in your picture looks pretty good! It would go great with MY FOTO PHERRET PIC.

There are pictures of american flag cakes here:


happy hump day!

mist1 said...

Strawberries look good.

Gracie said...

Mmmmmm...lookin' pretty yummy! ;)

Mr. Fabulous said...

I will take some of that cake!

Lady Starlight said...

I've never seen a couple of flags that looked so tasty!

Thanks for playing. =)

Teena said...

I wasn't sure what I should post for this as a Canadian. You did good, Girl!!

Mine's up :)

sherle said...

mmm! Looks yummy! Beautiful! ;-)