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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Splish Splash

Oh I scratched my eyeball yesterday. It feels like an eyelash or piece of dirt is in there.

You know how they always say don't rub your eyes with your hands when you are tired or you could scratch your eye?

You don't? ... well I remember so it must be true.

Well that's how it happened. I was tired after a long day at werk and started a-rubbin' and haven't had nothing but that aggravating itch and pain in the eye since.

I may have to wear a patch. This appeals to the pirate in me.

I believe in statistics. So by the law of statistics, 47 years of rubbin' even though 'they' say not to do that and now finally I have a scratched eye.

So by my calculations (somebody...quick, check my work!) I will have my next scratched eye at 94! Woot ~ I hope the eye patches look sexier then!

On to my music video ... please leave comments or rate it in YouTube. Search on Splish Splash Water Cat and you'll find it second on the list. I wanna see stars! (O BTW you might have to have a youtube account to rate it, but if you love me you'll do that right?? right??)

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Anonymous said...

I am laughing my ass off at your comment about "appealing to the pirate in you".

You are a nut, ya know!

Ouch, sounds like a scratched eye would hurt. Hope it gets better soon.

Nice new look...haven't made the switch to Beta yet? I did, but it hasn't changed much.

Cheeky said...

Ohhh I had a patch in high school. I got a tiny piece of rust in my eye from the swing set and then the next morning I could barely open my eye. I went straight to the eye doc and he had to (are you ready for this) drill it out! Cause it healed over during the night....I was all patched up for a few days...yeah it was attractive....

happy and blue 2 said...

You should do a pirate video..
I watched your video.It was great. I'll go to youtube and rate it now..

Lisa said...

Yes, a pirate video- aargh! LOL

Hope the eye feels better soon, you silly thing. :-)

I rated your video on YouTube- two thumbs up!

Wystful1 said...

That is just so darned terrific!!! Those cute critters held my interest throughout their antics!!

Gotta love it.
You will have MY vote!!!

mist1 said...

I had a piece of metal rust to my eye once. I had to wear an eyepatch for three days. I am a sexy pirate.

Mr. Fabulous said...

I have done plenty of rubbin' but not my eye. Never had to wear a patch either...

Actually, I think it would be cool to wear an eye patch

Kami said...


Now Nik would love me to wear an eye patch. seriously. That's cool, man.

Maribeth said...

I totally freak when anyone has an eye proble Please take care!
PS: If you wear your pirates patch, I'll wear mine too!

Teena said...

Ha! Very cute!