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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

CATs on Tuesdays ~ Tuesday Tubesday

In honour of Gattina's CATS ON TUESDAY, I present:

The family pics:

The Story:
Water cat is a long haired ginger tabby. He is 7 years old and is called Winston but is also affectionately called: Winnie, Wins, WinniePoo, Fatso, Chubba-wubba, Chubba-tub. He is the one in the above pics who has some white in him. It's hard to tell from the above shots but he is huge. He weighs about 20 - 22 lbs.
Maybe you can tell better from this shot.

Anyways he loves to go in the bathtub and watch the water drip from the tap. Sometimes I go into the bathroom and don't even realize he is in there until I hear a "Meow" coming from the tub. That means I'm in here and please can you turn on the water for me. You can't turn it on full force of course, just so it drip drips into the tub. He does not mind getting a bit wet. He will play with and drink the pools of water for a good 20 minutes before he finally gets bored (or tired) and goes for his nap.

So in case you missed it the first time, here is an encore presentation of Water Cat in Splish Splash, starring his siblings in supporting roles, of course.

The Video:

A video by ()

2 MORE DAYS until my 300th post, Internets!
Aren't you sick of this already?
I sure am :-)


Anonymous said...

Awww what cute kitties!

helen said...

The familypics are very nice, and the big cat - wow! He is beautiful. I like your video as well, cute cats and dogs.
Have a nice day with your pets:)

mar said...

Love the family pics :)
He IS big! and seems so soft, how cute.
2 more days! will there be a blog party ?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cats! Winston is a big, beautiful boy. :) Lots of fur on him. He is just lovely.

2 days to the big event - very cool! :) Can't wait to see what you have planned. :)

Debbie said...

That is a very handsome fellow! And I had to watch the video again! It just makes me smile! Of course that song will be in my head all day! LOL

L.L. Barkat said...

Love that fur... streaming gold.

Maribeth said...

Hey that was great!
You know what you need? A new wirehaired puppy in your house! LOL

Gattina said...

Fortunately I came back to check if people are commenting (yes I am like a tax controller) and notice that my comment disappeared ! I were the first, nobody had commented yet. That must be dammed Blogger ! That he goes to hell !
I said that your cat is really big and beautiful, he looks like Kim, only Kim is black. But she also is very big. How do you get along with these long hairs ? With Kim it was a catastrope because we couldn't brush her (she escaped) and I had to take her twice to the vet to get shaved ! She were plenty of knots.
What's going on here in two days, did I miss something ? (I am worse then a concierge !)

Dawn said...

oh goodness what a cute fellow you've got there :)

Jodi said...

OMG!! That video was too cute!! My post this week is about my cat and water too! She likes the bathtub as well, but really likes or kitchen sink! Stop on over!

Have a great Tuesday!

happy and blue 2 said...

Great video. I thought I'd seen them all. Is this a new one..

I'm not getting sick of the countdown to your 300th post. Actually I was going to suggest you start counting down to your 500th post as soon as this 300th post thing is done..

Carmen said...

how cute is that?! :)

Cheeky said...

My fluffy persian LOVES to drink out of the running faucet in the bathroom sink - my fat sylvester boy (who is close to 20lbs and solid) just watches it - he prefers a bowl

Terri said...

Oh my goodness, WHAT a gorgeous cat Winston is! Are you sure he's not a Maine Coon? Because I have a champagne colored Maine Coon that looks very similar to him. And Marcel also loves water! I'm told it's one of their traits. No matter what breed Winston is....he's sure one beautiful cat. Also, loved the blonde doggie...too cute!

Justin said...

hey, I liked the name Winnipoo!!its very sweet. And hey, check out this post on black cats. I hope u'll like it..

take care

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Magnificent I'll say! Wow. What a fur! and I love redhaired cats for some reasons.

These funny pets, they sure keep us on a good mood hah? :-)