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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas Traditions Meme

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Stolen from Tug, she lives in HELL. No really she does. But it's uber cool there. She gets to say "when Hell freezes over" alot.

Where do you spend the Christmas holiday?
We usually spend every third Christmas away at our in-laws, otherwise we stay at home. We have spent a few Christmases in Florida with my parents as well, but sadly those days are gone.
Do your kids write letters to Santa?
Not anymore. My daughter works for a company affiliated with the post office and has written letters from Santa back to kids.
Do you hang mistletoe?
I hang MistleToad. No really, I have a frog called MistleToad which I hang.
Do you leave cookies and milk for Santa?
Yes. Sadly, this Christmas was the first that we have not. Things were kinda mixed up with being out of town. We didn't even stuff the kids stockings.
Do you open your gifts Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Morning, though hubby's family used to open them after midnight mass. I think that is more the tradition in the French Canadian families.
When do you put the gifts under your tree?
Family gifts go under the tree as soon as they are wrapped. Santa gifts go on the fireplace with the stockings placed on top of them.
Do you hang and stuff stockings?
Do you leave the lights on your tree on overnight?
Usually, especially the first few days before and after Christmas.
Do you take turns opening gifts, or is it a free for all?
We try to take turns.
What is your traditional Christmas meal?
Turkey, rice stuffing, mashed potatoes, vegetables (usually broccoli, maybe beans, yams), trifle for dessert (my Mum used to make plum pudding with brandy butter)
Do you buy or make gifts for your pets?
Always buy gifts, even if it's only a can of tuna.
Do you have any other Christmas traditions?
Christmas morning, the kids wake us up with a big "Merry Christmas" to go and see what Santa brought, however, they're not allowed to wake us until 7 a.m. This was instituted when they were younger and they seem to follow it still today, even if the girls do need to drag their brother upstairs as part of the tradition. We usually buy the Christmas Crackers with the hats and prizes and wear these as part of the Christmas meal. This is something that my husband's family does not do. I think it's more of a British thing rather than a French thing.
If you celebrate a winter holiday other than Christmas, what are some of your customs and traditions?



Bellezza said...

ICL, I don't celebrate a holiday other than Christmas. But, since it's close to New Year's Eve, and since you have a sense of humour like mine, I thought I'd share a quick story about one of my friends. When her children were little, she and her husband would turn the clocks ahead an hour. So, when it was really midnight, the clocks would read 11. They'd kiss the children, scream "Happy New Year" and send them off to bed. Then they had the REAL midnight hour to themselves. I've never been that clever.

Happy New Year! Almost.

Anonymous said...

"My daughter works for a company affiliated with the post office and has written letters from Santa back to kids."

That is SO awesome!! I would love to be a Santa letter answer-er!!