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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday Only Speak

It seems that my emotions are running quite high right now.

I've just come home from Sunday Mass and I'm a bit of a blithering mess as I just learned that our visiting priest is leaving our parish and going to another city, temporarily and then heading back to Nigeria in August.

He has been with us since 2001 and has touched me greatly. I have known that this day would eventually come but to be honest I am quite shocked by the strong emotional reaction I am having.

Unfortunately, I did not hear about it until I read it in the bulletin this week since I missed mass last week being away at my gf's cottage. Hubby knew but forgot to tell me.

Anyways today they had a going away celebration after Mass. I wish I had known because I would have brought my camera.

One of the readings to day was 1 Corinthians 13 , a reading often used in wedding ceremonies. ""Love is patient, love is kind....."

What did I love about Fr Jude? He really showed his love to all those he came in contact with. He always expressed such joy to see you and talk with you after mass, as if you were the most important person in the world. He trademark expression "Suuuuuuuurrrreeee!" when he greeted you was such an affirmation of his love. He was always full of praise, and made me feel worth loving, even when I could not find that feeling from within myself.

The Gospel today was from Luke 4:14-28 ~ Jesus Rejected at Nazareth. Jesus was rejected by the people because they did not like what he told them. In giving, yet again, one of his wonderful homilies today, Fr. J pointed out how we are all prophets, and as prophets sometimes we say things that make people uncomfortable because we make them think.

He went on to say that we do not do this in an unkind or accusatory manner, but rather one based in love and caringness. Fr Jude's homilies were full of life, vitality and humour and always made you think. He has made me a better Christian and human and I sure many in the congregation have been similarly impacted as well. I am going to miss him so much for his wonderful gift of communicating God's message.....

.....I am going to miss him so much.

We have been blessed to have him.


Anita said...

My grandfather was a pastor and after retirement traveled around (locally) to different churches. I was always touched how attached each congregation became to him in such a short period of time, so I can understand your emotional state.

BTW - thanks for visiting my site, I hope you enjoyed your stay (and maybe even voted ;) ). Glad you like the "no ads" thing as well. I've added you to my reader, and look forward to reading more.

Lisa said...

I'm sorry that you will be losing him- he sounds like a truly wonderful man.

The one beef I have with my United Methodist Church is that they are always moving around their pastors. Every few years we would get a new one. I think that made it hard to have a sense of continuity with the parish.

Hugs to you, ICL! :-)

Debbie said...

He sounds like he spoke a lot of what you needed to hear! For me it is always wonderful to leave Church fulfilled and full of provoking thoughts than to be thankful it is over! You have been blessed and I pray the next to come along will be as good!

Bellezza said...

What a touching post about a special man. I can see why he meant to much to you; anyone who acts what they say is extra wonderful. I'm sure you've told him some of the things you've included in this post; if not, I'm sure he'd love to know that he makes a difference.

Liz said...

There is not many times, in one's life, that someone has such an impact on us. He sounds like a wonderful priest. I am sure he will be terribly missed.

Anonymous said...

If I understand right, your priest must be black. I am living in a catholic country and although I never go to mass, I had heard from others that the best priests are coming from Africa. They are very motivated and bring the faith much better over to people then those in our countries. Nobody wants to become priest today because they still are not allowed to marry. And the old once who remain, didn't really go over to modern times. My neighbour told me that here in our part of Waterloo, the priest is also coming from Africa (Congo) and very good. I hope for you that his successor will be a good one !

Anonymous said...

What nice words to say about your priest - I'm sure he will be missed.

Btw: Since your a Church Lady, you might like to see my last post about Old Rural Collection and a church in Norway:-)

Norma said...

It has been a blessing for you to have him in your life and the community. God speed as he meets his new people who will also love him. And I know the love you've given him has blessed him too and will be passed along to others you've never met..

Jim said...

Hello Irish C.L. -- I'm sorry your priest is leaving. From what you write he is loved by all there.

I came to your post via Google, someone had Googled my blog on Psalm 1 so I went to his Google search address via SiteMeter.

I too wrote on Psalm 1, this Sunday. I didn't write a long blurb this time.
Most every Sunday I have some Scripture and then a comment or application.
If you want a peek, go to my January 28 entry (and if you want, the preceding Sundays).
[to http://jimmiehov.blogspot.com/][
Today is a not-June bug blog, I do that once every month.

You have a pretty blog I will read more later.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Irish CL.

I know what it's like to have a wonderful priest and then they're moved away. It's all part of the Church's policy because they like to give their young priests plenty of challenges and thus, move them.

Loved your photo of Winston - he's so cute!

fringes said...

I know you'll miss him, but it helps to move them around. Lessens the chance of their thinking it's all about them like so many Protestant, Southern preachers. I hope you'll get someone new you like just as well.

L.L. Barkat said...

This seems good to remember, even for ourselves... that when we exercise our gifts in love, someone cares that we exist... just as you care about your priest. In a world where we sometimes wonder if we make any difference at all, yes, good to remember.

Mo said...

I'm sorry to hear your priest is going. Good priests are hard to find... but then again so are good housekeepers...