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If you want to rate this site on IrishBlogs click here -> Irish Bloggers. You'll also see it on some of my other sites above ~ please feel free to rate them as well, whether you like them or not :-) Thanks, lads!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Irish Blogs

So I joined IrishBlogs.info for the following of my sites:

Sláinte ~ It’s only Me ~ this site ~ under category Blogging
ICL Snaps ~ me photoblog ~ under Leisure (there was no photography category)
Irish and Loving It ~ The Video Blog ~ under Music
All about ICL ~ Memes and Stuff ~ under Personal
ICL Plays ~ Comics, Jokes, Lotsa fun stuff ~ under Humour

So you will see little widgets on each of those sites that look like this Irish Bloggers.
These indicate the rank of my site under that category. If you like any of those sites and feel compelled to submit a rating, you do so by clicking on the widget. This will prompt you if you want to vote (Y/N). Then it will take you to a list of all sites in that category. You find mine ~ it should be in the # order that corresponded to the number that was shown in the widget. Click on View Site Details and then vote on a scale of 1 -10. Whew! I think that's how it works. Much obliged. That is all.

And no more posts today. That is all.

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