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Saturday, April 22, 2006

A biking we will go...

Got new bikes! YAY! Pool boy and I are going to do more of this for the summer. He has been battling sciatica for a while now and so no more running for him! Still me though, at lunch, during the week. Double YAY!

We got them at Costco and new helmets because our old ones are crap. They are the ones from when helmets first came out. We are stalwart bike helmet converts after he had a terrible bike accident when the kids were small.

Here's the story. He was biking with my son to a bike safety meeting with the cub scouts (of all things!). His quick release tire came off and he went face first into the sidewalk. Lost two front teeth, terrible road burn and swelling for weeks. He was a mess and really scary to look at. He had no helmet on but thank god had no permanent head injury. Bike helmets were just starting to come out then and we realized after that how god was looking out for him (I don't want to use the word lucky...'cause I don't really believe in luck) in that he could have been injured much worse and permanently. Some guy came by in a car and drove him home. My son (who was only 7 at the time) was understandably really upset. When he got home he was still in some kind of state of shock. I got the next door neighbours to watch the kids and I took him and baby (4 mos. old) to the hospital and we were there until quite late while they dug gravel out of his face with tweezers. His lip eventually stuck out so that he looked like Quasimodo! He was off work for two weeks, needed special burn victims ointment to treat the gravel burns and of course had to have his two teeth capped (their still not quite the same colour - oh and he had beautiful teeth!) He still has scars on his face from that incident too.

So the new bike I got has a quick release front wheel and I told him I'm not too happy about that and he said it would be okay. He would show me how to check it everytime I rode. Anyways got a bell and lock and he even bought me a knapsack that will carry my laptop because I told him I'm thinking about riding to work during the summer. I hope that works out.

We have not been able to try them out yet because it's been pouring all day. Hopefully tomorrow. And, get this. He wants to get one of those bike trailers for the dog! Is he nuts!? He wants for us to be able to take the dog with us. I guess he can run alongside but if we go to far he is afraid the dog will get too tired. I don't know...I have mixed feelings. I want to spend our spare time with the dog because after all, that's why we got him, but a bike carrier? Dunno. They are a good price right now at Costco only $139.

Pleazzze respond to this post if you think we're nuts or not. Anyone had similar experiences with dogs riding in a kiddy bike carrier? Need the info....

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