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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Waiting on line ...blogging...browsing...chatting...

...hoping my son will come on so I can find out how the awards banquet went. Also hoping it will start to clear up (from raining) so pool boy and I can try out the new bikes. Weee!!

Ya so I've been chatting with 2 of my daughters (even though we live in the same house! ha!). Third daughter is at work but doesn't chat much anyways these days 'cause she's knee deep in examinations! However she did call me at work on Friday just to chat...actually she called me on my cell when I was at work LOL!

Webcodez seems to be working again so I'm enjoying my mmmBop song. Not sure if it's just when I log in through wireless but I don't seem to get music or video. Right now I'm wired...chatting with S to bring me more coffee...ha ha. No I'm mean I'm plugged in ya know and I've got the groove goin'.

Ya so just heard PB come in from checking out all the bikes so probably should get mosying (sp?) down there.

I've finally posted some of my bloggie friends on the right that I look forward to reading daily. Yes that's you guys! Have a few more to check out! I don't add them to my site until I've been reading them regularly so feel honoured (ha! that's the Canadian spelling BTW!...but I'm sure the rest of you are like that, right?).

So have a good Sunday...now let me find an appropriate picture for today...

This is what my house looks like today minus the lawn ornaments and American flag. It is a dull rainy day today like it was on Sept 11, 2002, PB's 50th birthday! Yes he shares a birthday with Sept 11, hence the American flag that we bought at a legion auction a few years ago usually comes out on the lawn that day and on July 4th as a show of patronage and respect. 'course I do try to put up the Canadian flag on July 1st CANADA DAY too. LOL! Haven't flown the Irish flag yet...maybe next year...or when PB's Irish citizenship comes through (please God). Did I tell you I'm an Irish citizen as well as a Canadian? Well you're learning new stuff about me every day! Told you Christie! Mystery woman no more...but I've still got lots of stuff to drag out but it won't be hard for you to get it out of me. Especially when bloggin' with chardonnay...hee hee. Toodles...this time I mean it!

Love ya bloggin' buddies! xoxo

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