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Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Belated Easter.....Monday that is!...

...and Sunday and Saturday....Ya!

Sorry I didn't get back to this until now but you know how it is! Not keeping up with my attempt to blog daily now am I?

So we had a good Easter weekend in Sudbury...got to visit with in-laws which is always good to see everyone. Ate too much. Now I am exhausted 'cause we got back late last night. Worked all day....from home (hee hee) but it was busy enough so my head is very full.

Hubby was really annoyed when we got back last night - OK so we rush rush to get home from Sudbury by 9 p.m. so that we can watch Sopranos, hubby, me and #1 child to find out that there's a big black screen on the TMN channel from LOOK TV. Hubby calls their customer service / technical support. They are closed. No way to leave a message or page. He was really ticked. I was kind of annoyed too because I was driving like a maniac to make it home in time. Do you think God is trying to tell us something like maybe we have our priorities screwed up?

Hub called them again this morning but they have not got back to him yet. Thank goodness it plays again on Wed night, I think. Hee hee!

Heard they had a good BC friends party at my sis's on Friday which we missed because we were traveling. Oh yeah, there was a bad accident on Hwy 17 about 30 mins outside of Sudbury near Hagar / Markstay. They closed the highway down so we had to take a detour on 64 then 69 and come into Sudbury from the south. It took us an extra 1.5 hours so it was a 7 hour journey in total on Friday. Listening to the news that night we heard that two people were killed. It was a three car crash on a straight stretch of road, good weather conditions and charges are pending. Haven't heard anymore though. Have you??

So I'm going to catch up on my other blog sites to see how everyone's Easter was. I may be back on later if I don't fall asleep.

O and musn't forget. Happy Birthday AK! Love you and miss you lots!!

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