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Thursday, May 04, 2006


me meme ~ played by moi!

OK I stole it from Lisa @ A "Textbook-Good" Visit who stole from Cat. @ Sweet Memes

I am in need of more wine. hee blog drunking
I want to get my house clean ... but not actually do it. Hee hee ... where's Samantha with that nose when I need her.
I wish for my sister to get well.
I hate when I procrastinate.
I miss my Mum... big time.
I hear the birds chirping outside as I have my window open ... glorious.
I wonder what age I will live to.
I regret from time to time but try not to dwell on it.
I am nuts sometimes!
I dance only if I feel like it.
I sing spontaneously. YA!
I cry less and less these days, though it's been a crying year to make up for the last few!
I am not always a great friend.
I make with my hands knit or crocheted things when I am in the mood. It's been a while! LOL Actually I knit a dressy scarf to go with a suit only a few years ago! lol
I write for pleasure.
I confuse people when I talk sometimes because I get so excited and get ahead of myself.
I need to try to be more balanced in my life instead of going full force about everything.
I should stop blogging and do something more productive but not as much fun!
I start to feel guilty when I don't get things done...but then I talk myself out of it and then I feel better. I'm the best heehee hoho.
I finish every last drop of coffee in my cup even if it's cold but not if there are coffee grounds in the bottom! hehe
I tag along only if I feel like it. Muahaha!

Thanks, Lis & Cat!

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