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Thursday, May 11, 2006

R U M ore?

Got from Cat's Sweetmemes who got it from scratching the itch

R U More ... (are you more ..)
01) Lawyer or accountant? Accountant, actually I am.
02) Dentist or family doctor? Doc, I love self diagnosing me and others ... ya I'm bad for that
03) Chiropractor or massage therapist? ew, tough one ... I do see a chiro and have just started seeing a massage therapist ... I like 'em both
04) Engineer or architect? nada ... but I think I have one daughter is is kinda disposed this way
05) Sports announcer or news meteorologist? News announcer
06) Garbage collector or sewage system inspector? Garbage ... you get neat stuff ha ha!
07) Plumber or electrician? electrician ... more dangerous ... although getting a snake out of a toilet could be considered a little risky
08) Lead hand/foreman or supervisor/manager? union steward ... ha ... I'm in one of those moods today
09) Astronomer or astrologist? astronomer ~ choose not follow astrology ... church lady ya know
10) Advice column writer or editorial column writer? tough one, probably editorial bla bla bla bla bla

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