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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Photo Ferrits ~ Foto Pherrets

Greetings fellow pherrets!
The hunt is on!Paul McCartney said that the long and winding one leads to your door.
This week's word is:Road

The road from Dingle to Tralee (Ireland) - Connor's Pass


Lady Starlight said...

It is so pretty and green aroung that road. How appropriate!

Thanks for playing. :)

[Mat] said...

Hope I could see that road.
Wish I could walk there.


(in the teeth - Dans les dents)
It's an expression, as you already figured out.

We say it when something comes up and hit you without you expecting it. (you don't have time to prepare, therefore, you get hit in the teeth)

And it's usually said as a contraction. "DANS DENTS!"

Good day!

Easily Amused said...

Ohh, it looks so beautiful and peaceful!! WOW!

Thanks for visiting me and for voting on the blog awards. It's much appreciated!!