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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

TTT or PYP - Part Cinq

Tell the Truth
or Pick your Preference

OK I will remind the returning players and for the benefit of the newcomers how this works.

You must pick one or the other from each item below. Either state which applies most to you or state your preference. If neither or both apply to you then for the sake of silliness you score a point.
Points are bad, people! (But that doesn't mean you should lie just to avoid getting a point ... hee hee) At the end you figure out your total score by subtracting your points from 10.

OK? Ready, set, go ... (I'll tell you at the bottom what your score means - it's based on highly scientific surveys! LMAO!)

41..Raisins or grapes?
42..TV or music?
43..SAHM (or SAHD) or work?
44..boating or hiking?
45..rap or punk?
46..Mushrooms or onions?
47..Going downtown or going uptown?
48..Truth or dare?
49..Monkeys or walruses?
50..chiropractor or physiotherapy?

What's your score mean?
9-10 - My, aren't we definitive this week!
5 - 8 - Life is full of ups and downs ... but hmmpf, ... who cares? ;)
0 - 4 - I wish I were an Oscar Mayer weiner. :O
So don't forget to tell us your score ay? Inquiring minds want to know and don't want to have to do the math for u.

Thanks for playing and sharing ... you know we always want the info!


Irish Church Lady :) said...

I'll go first this week
41..Raisins ... and peanuts nummm!
42..TV ... I'm a visual person!
43..work ... my buns off!
44..I lose a point ... like 'em both ... boating and hiking (I even own meself some hikin' boots)
45..rap ... I'm only a fan of my son's rap / hip hop music! Ha! Check out DEFORESTATION at right->
46..Nodder point lost - love Mushrooms & onions fried with BBQ steak
47..nada ... no preference for downtown/uptown - 1
48..Truth ... I'm a risk taker but also a law abider so I'd rather devulge than get into any other type of trouble
49..Walruses ... they're so ugly they're cute! (but I almost lost another point)
50..- 1 ... use them all, even massage, whatever seems to work depending on the injury (I get a lot of bobos)

'kay I got 6, people. 10 - 4 = 6
but I was really trying to be the Oscar Meyer wiener!

I'll be back tomorrow. Till then take care!

Wethyb said...

Okay, I guess I'll do this just for shits--I wanna be a weiner too!

41. Grapes
42. Both -1
43. SAHD
44. Neither -1
45. Neither -1
46. Both -1
47. Downtown
48. Truth
49. Monkeys
50. Neither -1

If I did this right, I'm ALMOST a weiner...darnit! I got a 5.

Fleur De Lisa said...

C'est bien! I am decisive this week. :-)
Sorry to hear about your bicycle mishap this week too!
I'm on the mend now (I hope!)

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Beth - SAHD ha ha ~ showing your masculine side are we? I know you wanted to be a weiner winner so I found a pic of a weiner for you (and in doing so discovered I spelled Meyer and wiener wrong hee!)

Lisa - Thanks! I'm fine, just a weiner whiner! Happy healing!

Have a good day!

AlRo said...

41..Raisins or grapes? - Grapes
42..TV or music? -- Oooh Both (1 pt)
43..SAHM (or SAHD) or work? - Would have to be Work - as my career pays well.

44..boating or hiking? - Boating -- I need a boat! I'd love have a big 24 footer..

45..rap or punk? - I like some punk

46..Mushrooms or onions? - 'shrooms all the way. Onions gimme heartburn.

47..Going downtown or going uptown? - Downtown.
48..Truth or dare? - Truth

49..Monkeys or walruses? neither - (1 pt)
50..chiropractor or physiotherapy? neither (1pts)

5 - 8 - Life is full of ups and downs ... but hmmpf, ... who cares? ;)


Some people say I'm apathetic but i just give a shit enough to care.... hehehe..

Wethyb said...

Doh...I'm retarded....I was thinking I'm a working mom...man I'm stupid...LOL. I really am a weiner, in every sense of the word!

Cat. said...

My answers are posted at Sweet Memes, and I think I scored a pretty decisive 9 or 10. See what you think...


Irish Church Lady :) said...

Alshrim - Glad you care in your own apathetic way!

Beth - so what's the acronymn for working mom anyhoo? - WM? sb WMAOM dontcha think?

Cat - I'll be wight over!

Thanks for :) the info! ;)

[Mat] said...

41..Raisins or grapes?
There's a difference (-1)
42..TV or music?
43..SAHM (or SAHD) or work?
44..boating or hiking?
Both (-1)
45..rap or punk?
Both, again... (-1)
46..Mushrooms or onions?
Both. Damn, this is tiring (-1)
47..Going downtown or going uptown?
Who cares, really? Downtown
48..Truth or dare?
Both, just for fun(-1)
49..Monkeys or walruses?
50..chiropractor or physiotherapy?
Both (-1)

So, 0-4 I wish I were an Oscay Mayer Weiner.

Yep. :)

Easily Amused said...

Awe man, I was trying to be a weinner, but I got a 6! Maybe next time!!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Easily Amused - ya I know how you feel.

See Mat - We're so jealous! We all want to be a weiner sometime in our lives (as well as a Walmart greeter!)