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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Why 2 blogs? ....

i thought you'd never ask! So actually I explained it when I first started back in April~ seems like a long time ago. I started with MSN and just had it open to friends and family. Noone was reading it! So I went public, got a little traffic and enjoyed it more. Then I got hooked on the blogger people blogs and I couldn't post comments to many of them so I opened a blogger account and the rest is history.

I actually blog more on blogger these days, but I still pop by to see old friends on MSN. My MSN blog is called "Slainte" and it's a little more chaste. I haven't been doing this too long but it does take up a lot of time. Not sure where it will go. For me it's cheaper than therapy right now! LOL and I do get a lot of laughs both writing and reading.

Pool boy is starting to get a little nervous though. It's like I have to sneak around when I blog. I don't think it has anything to do with the pile of laundry and dustballs though. LMAO. He's very patient actually about my blogging! If I haven't said it lately, he is wonderful! He's probably thinking it's cheaper than therapy too! hahaha pool boy Why dontcha read this? He never reads my blog. He should, it would build up his ego. Actually all he wants is more SEX. Blogging helped with that initially. LOL. It was a combination of Lizzie's TMI, Mat's boy talk (ha ha Mat, I can say that 'cause yur the same age as my daughter - who stayed out all night last night I might add - more about DQ boy later), HNT
(who started that anyways?),
TKW's funny and skanky talk, Professor Fate's pics (ou la-la).

But it's humour (ya I'm canadian!) like SpeckledPups and Spikey's (he's in the ditch, ya know) that keeps me coming back. Oh yeah and it's also the pics like Kristine's SPF's and Fleur de Lisa's fantastic shots and Lady Starlight's Photo Pherrets. Plus I'm hooked on Cat's Sweetmemes, reading Bethy's blog (I'm a shoeaholic 2!) Christie's Thoughts Galore on her Wonderful World keeps me centered and I'm routing for Cat and her family that are going through some rough times right now. Plus a few have introduced me to blog drunking which I thoroughly look forward too (hic!) And there's so many more of you out there but so little time! boo hoo hoo

Plus I'm learning (the hard way!) all about html and fun creative stuff ... and I like to find funny pictures but I'm a bit of a perfectionist so as a result I have no life! Need I say more?

"What's that honey? Coming ..."

Y'all come back now, ya hear?!

1 comment:

Fleur De Lisa said...

I'm laughing out loud now, reading your story about blogging! It's wonderful.

Oh, by the way I made the movie poster at http://flagrantdisregard.com/flickr/
It's a fun little site to tinker around with photos and such.

Happy Monday!