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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hang on to your hats kids ...

... it's gonna be a bumpy ride! For the next 3 weeks anyways. Getting to a big deadline at werk so it's crunch time. People are cranky, grumpy, frazzled, whiney, lacking of the usual common sense and decorum ... and that's before they get their first coffee of the day! So humour me while I try to keep my sanity day in day out and pray for me that I don't end up telling some one for f off between now and the end of the month. Pleeeeaaaazzzzzze. [My, that was whiney! help! ;)]


R said...

When my boss freaks out and throws a fit, I just pretend that she is Brittany Spears after she dropped the baby Sean. She gets all spastic and blames it on other people.

It keeps me from flipping out on her.

Seriously, try it.

Hope said...

I think that I have permanent teeth mark in my tongue from resisting telling people off when I think that they really need it!!

Fleur De Lisa said...

You'd better stuff those grumpy folks at work full of caffeine- maybe then they can play nicely!

Good Luck! ;-)

Irish Church Lady :) said...

r - I'll give it a shot. But I saw Brittany on TV tonight. There's no way anyone I work with is that bad. Nope, no sirreee.

hope - wuz thot u thay? Thorry, kant wite gud. Only hav haf a thongue.

lisa - maybe I should spike their coffee or spike mine, whatever works best!

Lady Starlight said...

Nothing can make a person whiny quite like the workplace!

Good luck in your endeavors. I hope all turns out well.