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Friday, June 02, 2006

SPF ~ Sparkly, Dull, Colorful

Instructions from Kristine at Random & Odd are to post pictures of:
1. Something ‘Sparkly’
2. Something ‘Dull’
3. Something ‘Colorful’

So here is me sparkly party dress! It's fun and I feel fabulous in it!

Next we have a picture that looks dull but the content is definitely not dull. It is a picture of a statue of the Holy Family. Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Finally colourful. That's the Canadian colourful, excuse me spelling, although this picture was taken in Florida. He's a beauty, ain't he?


Kami said...

Oooooooohhhhh, I LOVE that dress. What a hottie you are!!

I played.

Anonymous said...

Love the sparkly dress!

And that is the prettiest bird I've seen. Very cool!

Happy SPF! I played too.

Jana said...

Great SPF! Love the bird!

BTW, I watched that video you have below with Ben Stiller - too funny!

Sheri & SuZan said...

What a great picture of your something sparkly (your hot). Love the picture of the bird it is just beautiful!

Have a great weekend, I played too.

Cheeky said...

LOVE that sparkly dress! You rock!!

And that bird....wow

I played

Teena said...

Luv the pix! Great SPF! Luv the dress :)

I played :)

gail said...

love the sparkly dress, you look good!
happy spf; I played too.

kristine said...

wow, that is a lot of colors on that bird!!

And that dress is smokin' hot!!

I'm glad you played!!

hemlock said...

I agree that your dress is very fancy shmancy. We all need something we feel great in, eh?

Great SPF!
I played at The Ramble Room.

whispers of the morning said...

Wow look at you! Love the dress!!! You two look so cute!

Lee said...

fun pictures irish church lady...great sparkley dress and wonderful shot of the lorikeet (we have them at our zoo here and they will come right up to you for treats)!

Odd Mix said...

That is a very pretty bird. And you look fabulous, too.

Michelle said...

Lovely lovely dress, and I do love that statue, its loving and tender :)

Happy SPF, I played :)

Torie said...

Wow that bird is colorful.
I played

A Slice of Life said...

Now aren't you beeeee u ti ful? (are church ladies supposed to be looking that hot?)

I played too

Shna said...

Love the sparkly dress...you look fab! :)

GEWELS said...

Love the dress, And, uh, LOVE the arm candy you got there too.
Now, if we were all as colorful as that bird we could probably do without the dress.
thanks for visiting mine

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Wow! Love that elegant sparkly dress!

Good luck with the Emmy :-)