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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hump Day Foto Pherrets

Happy hump day, pherrets far and near!
Get ready to hunt.
It's too hot to be witty today!
Our word for this week is:

Eeewwww!  Gross!

My nephew being silly with his mouth open!
Eeewwww! Gross!


Curvey said...

Hi there great picture!

Cheeky said...

I always liked a little "see" food LOL...great pic

Lisa said...

What in the world was he eating? Wait- on second thought don't tell me after all! LOL

I changed to Word Press when I got my own domain. Much more control over various aspects of the blog but a bit more difficult to learn. It is good to have a new challenge!

Lady Starlight said...

I was going to make a comment about seefood, but someone beat me to it!

Thanks for playing!

Gracie said...


Listen...I'm the mother to three, yes, count them, THREE, boys and I am such a "girl" I still get grossed out when they fart really loudly, or stink up the house with their smelly poop, or do the whole "see food" thing...*eye roll*
You'd think I'd grow out of it at some point. I don't think I ever will. LOL

(did you know that boy poop smells way worse than girl poop?? It does. Trust me.)

Charmed1 said...

Ewwww!! Kids are silly like that! I played!

PS I'm not annoyed at anything, it was just a skipped word and has been edited.