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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Another if Women Controlled the world ...


mist1 said...

I need a car with good lighting. I pluck my eyebrows during my commute.

AlRo said...

haha.. That's a Mayhem Humpday CapCom Funny!!!! Yay!

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"I'd like mine in Yellow Please"

No PROBLEM. Yellow, Blue, Red - even Tope and Fucia - we are here to please your color palette for your new or used vehicle.

"Does it have a CD Player."

OF COURSE! IN YOUR choice of backlit colors to meet your needs.

Come in before Aug. 15th - and you'll get a brand new iMac to tow behind your car (Because, lets be honest, iMacs aren't good for anything else)

Come in to Apple's iMac New and Used Vehicles... Open until 9pm weekdays, 6pm on Weekends!

Cheeky said...

Too funny.....yes we can certainly simplify things can't we?...hehe

The Naked Nerd said...

LOL I like my silver car. With silver it hides the dirt great! :)