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Thursday, August 03, 2006

TT - What I love about blogging / what I dislike about blogging

Hey, thanks for all your comments folks! I've put a comment back to each and every one of you. Where? In the comments of course!

Week # 52, my #7TT
Get the T13 code or view other s :)

13 Dislikes about blogging:

1. bloggers who can blog from work - wtf? How come you can do that? I'd be afraid to be fired.

2. not having enough time to visit everyone

3. not having enough time to read people's posts regularly

4. when blogger sucks

5. trying to line up the pics around the text

6. people who don't comment

7. people who comment just for the sake of commenting but don't really have anything important to say or leave lame generic comments

8. people who post too much or too often... can't keep up with the reading

9. memes that are boring

10. cliquey bloggers

11. boring blogs

12. typing a comment or post and losing it

13. it's addictive!

13 Likes about blogging

1. People who are funny

2. People who take good pictures

3. People who write well and are interesting or entertaining

4. People who leave me comments

5. Trying to figure how how to do something new on my blog

6. People who share pretty banners and memes and how to do things

7. When people add me to their links

8. Finding new interesting bloggers

9. Memes that are fun or interesting

10. Finding out interesting information / learning about bloggers, countries

11. Learning different perspectives on a topic, issue

12. Ranting ... it's sometimes necessary

13. Raving ... it's infectious!


Cheeky said...

First Bitches! woohoo

Cheeky said...

OK now to the real comment - I can blog from work because I work from home (woohoo).

I can soooo relate to this list....as a matter of fact I think I was channeling my thoughts to you.....hehehe

OK can't type anymore - have to claw at the cheekies some more....please Friday hurry hurry...

Something's Missing said...

::raises hand:::

Number 4...I hate Number 4, which seems to be happening more than ever!

My Thursday Thirteen is up!

Happy Thursday!


For me, I dislike bloggers who inspite of your many visits do not even visit you
My TT13 is up too.

Tink said...

I'm almost afraid to comment! Almost, haha!
Yes, blogging has its good and bad things. Being addicted to blogging: should we file that under like or dislike?

Karen said...

I love blogging, but I have let some others hobbies go. I'm working on that! I hate when you get a great comment written, and then scroll down to see you can't leave one, anyway!!

Carmen said...

well, I work on the Web, so im always on the net. And I can multitask. :)

Reverberate58 said...

Lots of pros and cons to blogging! I agree and disagree! Neat list though!
MY T13 is up. Happy Thursday!

AlRo said...

I blog from work: Nya nya!!
But i'm the Network and System Administrator here... I can pretty much do what i want (within reason - like i can't go kill little kitty cats, or whack people in the back of the head for being stupid!! THat's just wrong).

Hopefully I'm one of your funny bloggers......


HEYYYYY!! happy thursday... today's actually my Friday - i took an extra long weekend off..

Hope the tornado didn't gitcha last night ICL!!! It was nasty out there last night.

Knitting Maniac said...

I blog from my work computer, but I work from home.

Great list!

Happy TT!

Tammy said...

I heart all the new bitches I've met through blogging.

I hate when blogger won't upload pics.

Eagle Lover said...

I wish I could blog from work. I tried to figure out if I could use my cell phone to connect to the web and use it but that didn't work. There just isn't enough time in a day for work and blogging sometimes. Looks like work might just have to be replaced...lol
Have a great day.

mar said...

I think I like more things about blogging than I dislike...so happy blogging and happy TT!

Laura said...

the more i blog, the more i like it and need it....it is addictive.
my tt is up.

Fleur De Lisa said...

Blogger has been sucking a lot lately and that is why I left. I haven't been "down" once since I switched! Hooray!!

I agree, ICL- the only thing worse than lurkers (a.k.a. non-commenters) is someone that leaves the same generic comment for every single site he/she visits. You just know they copy and paste for each one- what's the point?

Very funny TT list you've got here.

Cat. said...

I haven't posted my TT today, but I had to chuckle at your #1 dislike: I'm typing this at work.

I blog at work all the time. My excuse is (normally) that I'm blogging ABOUT work....anonymously. I even have a work-related blog -- under a different login so my boss doesn't see my snarky commentary on my regular blog.

Don't hate me, ok? :-)

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

I think this list will go for most of us bloggers actually.

Couldn't have said it better mnyself, so true.

Welcome over and have a laugh with us :-)

YellowRose said...

Good Pros and Cons of Blogging....I hope I made the second list of 13! ;) I definitely like more things about blogging than I dislike about it! That's why I'm addicted. LOL

Happy Thursday, my 13 is up!

MysteriousLady said...

I have to be very sneaky about blogging at work. I sneak on and off in the case managers office. ssssshhhh.... I can't use it for more then 5 minutes or he gets testy!

He told me two jokes this week, I left on Whiskey's podcast thingy.

1. The first time I had sex, It was dark, I was scared, and I was alone. (don't know if whiskey got it.)

2. My wife had perky boobs that stuck straight up,and hair down to her butt when we got married, now it's the reverse.

Okay I'm leaving now............


Barbara said...

To comment or not to comment; that is the $100 question. Will I say too much, or not enough? :)

I'm addicted to blogging, but not to commenting, unless I'm enjoying the writing, or know the writer. As for TT, I do try to visit most and leave a comment, most of the time - small. :)

My TT is up.

Raggedy said...

Should I comment?
This list is not 13 it is 26....
You could have made two TT's out of this post..
I am almost ready to get rid of blogger because it frustrates me too!
Have a wonderful day! (generic)

My TT is up

Charmed1 said...

I played too! I love your list and agree!!

Denise said...

I didn't start blogging until after I became a SAHM, but with my luck (if I were to return to the working world) I'd be caught and fired if I even clicked on a blog site.

There are lots of good and bads that comes with blogging. I prefer to just look a the good stuff.

Gracie said...

Don't hate me! I only check blogs at work--I dont ever have enough time to actually blog there! :D

This is a great list! Interestingly, I agree with all of them (some more than others).

I'm trying to be brief; can you tell??

Ciao* LOL

Dane Bramage said...

Obviously from my time stamps I NEVER blog at work. Just because I have all this access, speed and tools doesn't mean I would abuse my employer...more than absolutely necessary. Thanks for stopping by my T13

Kimmy said...

Yes! I agree with all 26. I'd also add that I HATE annonymous commenters who leave nasty or rude comments. When I first started blogging I didn't understand what people meant when they wrote posts about that... but I do now. But the thing I LOVE is clicking on "reject comment"! ;)
Well, that was one lengthy, non-generic comment ;)
Happy T13!
(And thank you for you nice comment on my T13 and post about my illness.)

Happy0303 said...

I know what you mean about Blogger sucking! Half the time I can't post what I want to when I want to. I know it's free but what's the point. I'm finally making the move to WordPress.

I also don't like when someone constantly visits your blog and when you finally put them on your blogroll, they dissappear for good. What's up with that?

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. I figured some points might not be well received by some but it's how I feel. (But I'm not gonna say and it's my blog so ppppfffftttttt! ~ o dear - I said it!)

Cheekster - consider yourself channeled

SM - ya a lot of people complain about blogger but (touch wood) other than the odd outage and sometimes pics don't upload I'm fairly satisfied with it. I would like to have categories though like I had on my old MSN blog (it's linked at the right). My problems are more with Bell Sympatico internet service. See my Sat post. We may be switching to Rogers.

Tink - ya ha ha ~ I was debating on whether to put addiction as I like or dislike but since Pool Boy thinks I blog too much and I had only 12 dislikes it ended up there!

Karen - I don't have that problem too often. Just sometimes when people are on some more obscure blog tool. And I do comment on most sites I visit. Ya I'm a blabber not a lurker!

Carmen - you so got the JOB!!

R58 - thanks but now you've got my curiousity up about what you agree with and what you don't. You can tell me. I've got my big girl panties on!

Alro - yes you are one of my very funny bloggers but you are on my O Behave list 'cause you do seem to get yourself a wee bit tipsy there on weekends and the language you know... you're a bad influence on Church Lady...that's why I keep coming back!

Knitting maniac - you got the JOB too! Do you knit at work also? Hee

Tammy - I heart you bitches too!

EagLover - o to win the lottery ay!

Mar - always the optimist and so sweet! Good for you! Now go away! (kidding!)

Laura - funny how that werks ay? But I think I'm a comment whore. What is a comment whore?

FdeL - you are so right. OK you don't have to flatter me by reading my blog and commenting every thing you read, but once in a while people. Come on - if you're getting something from this blog then give some back 'kay?

cat. - I don't hate you I envy you but I'm not allowed to do that because it's a sin so I just steal from you (oops!) [BTW Might need some librarian tips from you. Read my Monday Aug 7 post] Kisses xoxo

Mrs Lifecruiser - thank you!! BTW can I live vicariously through you because you got more than the JOB!? You've got it goin' on lady! Not envious, just sayin'

Yellow Rose - you and me are gonna start a Bloggaholics Unanimous and then we're gonna make some big money so we can live like Mrs Lifecruiser ok?

ML - hhahahahah...come back ... bring more jokes

Barbara - I'm such a comment whore (if I'm interpreting what it means correctly) that sometimes I just leave a comment like "ICL was here LOL" just to let them know I read it and I don't have anything particularly inspiring to say and I don't want to waste their time to read it nor mine to write something trivial - but that's only for non meme posts. If it's a meme like TT or SPF, or SPH I try to say something about what they wrote or how it affected me or how I can relate. Something meaningful. People who just leave things like "Nice pics. Have a nice day" I would rather they not comment at all. Sometimes I feel that they're just trying to generate traffic and if I get over there and see advertising links I get pissed.

Raggedy - Ya when I posted that my TT was up I let people know it was actually 26! hee I thought about splitting it up but I didn't just want to have a post with all negative stuff. Plus I have no problem thinking of my TT's - so far anyways (touch wood) Does it get harder?

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Charmed - you get no arguments from me with that response! (but I'm not against arguing so come back when you feel like it or not (arguing that is). What I mean is when you feel like coming back to argue or not argue do so but make sure you come back ok...don't not come back....o bother...look at the trouble my blabbing got me into.

Denise - right you are chicky! That's why were all still here (reading that is). Why were all still on earth living?...you'll have to ask him...upstairs

Gracie - my baby. Is that why you wear sunglasses at work? So they won't know it's you blogging? You be careful girl. Don't want ya to mess up that great job you have dealing with all those whiny kids and naggy parents. Better you than me kid!

DB - yah that's basically where I stand too. Plus they watch where you go.

Kimmy - thanks for the comment and thanks for thanking me...no thank you... no thank you. 'k so then take care - is that too generic for ya?

Kailani - I hear ya. I learned the hard way too. Actually, it works both ways. I find you should not add a link to your blog until you've really consistently read their blog for awhile 'cause there's so much to read that unfortunately you have to pick and choose some days 'cause there's just not enough time. Hence my #'s 2 and 3. Plus I'm so anal retentive that when I go back to a site that I haven't read for a while I find that I want to go back and read past posts to catch up. There are some blogs that just don't cater to my interests, and eventually they get replaced with newer ones I find interesting. But I try not to be cliquey! Some bloggers seem to be a bit that way whether it's intentional or not and I find it kinda annoying.

So here I am at the end of my long comment to you commenters. If you've read this far, answer me this question.

Do you get annoyed by long comments? The reason I ask that is that I tend to leave long ones if the writer gets me excited about something or twigs a memory in me. I don't know if people appreciate that or they just want you to shut up already.

Please comment again, even if it's bad. I've got my big girl panties on! Toodles~

Cat. said...

Whatever librarian tips I can pass along, I willingly will. I hope I can help!

Gracie said...

I absolutely do NOT mind long comments. (I think I told you that already, though, but can't remember!)

I'm always excited when someone gets "caught up" in whatever it is I have to say and feels the need to share their thoughts/impressions with me. :)

So leave yer long comments! I appreciate them...and YOU! :)

happy and blue 2 said...

Thing I hate about blogging.
When someone gets a billion or so comments on a post and I have to scroll down this far to comment.

Thing I like about blogging.
Leaving a brilliant comment like "Nice post"..It just says it all..