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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

If only I had a video or picture of this...

Hi folks
Just wanted to share me funny episode that happened today.

Many readers know that I ride my bicycle to work as much as possible during the week. Today was no exception.

Often me Pool Boy meets me at work on his bike for the ride home. That's his daily exercise, riding there and back, about 1 hour of biking in total.

Today, we had made arrangements with DQ Girl to stop and look at some townhouses on the way home. She is looking at buying her own first home.

So we had to vary our route to get there, riding on more busy streets, which was an adventure. At one point I lost Pool Boy. He took a different route and I had to phone him on his cell to find out where the hell he was. My route was quicker! na na na boo boo. I ramble.

After we had viewed the homes, I said "So what's the quickest way to get home from here?". He indicated that he wanted to backtrack somewhat and end up on our regular route to go the rest of the way home.

No way, not me. I said it would be faster to go this way and pointed over in the general direction of our home. It meant we would be traveling on more busy streets than the paths that are on most of our usual route.

He said "Why do you want to go that way?" to which I replied. "You know me, I like change!" This is an inside joke because he knows I like change and I often give him this answer to most silly questions he asks.

"Hey, after 17 years of marriage you should know this by now!!. Plus, you're the one who always wanted to go on the busy streets before. I'm the one who mapped out a more scenic (and safer) route to and from work!" (which is quite direct as well, I might add.)

He laughed. "Well, if we don't go that way, we avoid having to cross that open grassy area." He reminded me "And I'm not the one who is always falling off my bike."

Always. OK I fell once, when it was me own fault at a busy 4 way stop intersection. I was saying me prayers. Got distracted, you know. Didn't break anything, but let's just say I'm still working on a deal with some tendonitis caused by this in my forearm. Chiropractor calls it 'bikers elbow' for me but for everyone else, he calls it 'tennis elbow'. "You leave me alone, and I won't call you tennis elbow, okay?"

Oh that other time? Ya well that happened first and I fell because the freakin' kid ran me off the trail. He apologized, using the excuse that he just got a new bike for his birthday. "You're supposed to stay on the right" I warned him annoyingly instead of wishing him a happy birthday. I still have scars on same forearm, who probably invited the 'tennis elbow' to join the party.

The grass was a short well manicured lawn at the edge of the townhouse development. We're not talking a big honkin' field here!

I said "Well we can ride across that grass." To which he shrugged and jumped on his bike because I was already half way across by then.

At the end of the grass, there was a small hump (incline) that separated the townhouse area from a busy intersection. I didn't realize how steep it was until I started to slow down on the approach.

It was probably because of the grass but before I knew it I was pretty much at a standing stop on the incline with my balance falling right at a steady rate. I was on a hill. On my bike. Picture this.

No where to go but down. No not again!!! Save the wrist, save the wrist, avoid pain, avoid injury were the thoughts running through my head.

My body immediately reacted to this situation with a brilliant risk management plan. My project director, would be so proud!

Balls roll. Balls roll faster when going down a hill. There I go! Ejected off the pilot seat, into a nice flip and ball. I probably only rolled once, but it felt like more like a couple after which I quickly stood up from the momentum gained.

Pool Boy saw it all from behind me. It was in slow motion for him. I recall the words "There you go" coming out of his mouth.

My first thought on regaining my upright position was, 'yay, not too much pain. I'm okay. This is good." My second thought was 'Oh the lady across the street waiting for the bus, saw me. How embarrassing?! Quick grab your bike and keep on going!'

And so I did. Jaywalked my bike across the street before the busy intersection and jumped on it to ride, following the lady's bus. As I waited behind said bus, at the busy intersection when the light was red, I turned around and said to PB, "That was pretty funny, me rolling down the hill". He was still laughing, at the sight of me, yes, but also at relief that I wasn't hurt.

Don't tell him that me forearm is talking a little more loudly to me tonight as I write this. O I'll give him some ibuprofren and he'll be asleep in no time. Tennis elbow, not Pool Boy.


Cat. said...

I'm glad you're ok. I have to say this sounds very much like something I'd do! :-)

Beast--my husband--played football for 8 years, and he has told me that the most important thing you learn is how to fall. He falls very well, and rolling is involved. So, see, you did right this time!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you aren't hurt to bad, bless your heart!

Anonymous said...

That SO sounds like something I'd do! I'm glad you are okay - I remember when you fell down before.

I love when my route is the fastest one, I do that with B all of the time too! :-)

Happy Thursday!

Gracie said...

Ohhhhhh I hadn't gotten a chance to read this til this morning!
How's your arm feeling? How's your dignity? *hugs*

Anonymous said...

I've had lots of falls from bikes. I feel your pain. Of course I would have laughed at it had I been there..