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Saturday, October 21, 2006

I'm having too much fun with this

OK first off, it's all Leesa's fault (lmao).

I picked this up from her blog and have been having a great time doing it.

50 Dark Movies in a Painting

I'm up to 43 now and am stuck. My daughter is doing it too. She helped me with some of the newer movies that I don't really know.

You can have your game boys and video games and all that stuff. It does nothing for me but solving puzzles like this, and cross words and sudoku's - I love those.

Don't start unless you want to kill some time, especially if your a Type A personality like me. The good news is though that you can save it and go back to it later. You just have to enter your email address.

So if I didn't get around to see your SPH then it because of this. My apologies.

Have fun internets!! Don't say I didn't warn you and thanks Leesa!!!


Oh and I need some advice, internets ~ specifically those who use blogger.

I'm up to 270 posts. I think blogger only goes to 300 and then you would start to lose your older posts. Am I correct?

Should I create a new blog on blogger to start my new posts on when I run out here? This means I need to notify my memes of my new site, correct?

I could probably use a new template anyways, but I'm not sure if I'm up to switching from blogger. I'm ready to stay with what I know because I don't want to be stressed about new toolset problems until I have time to deal with them.

Please tell me what to do.....I trust no one else but you internets.


scribbit said...

I spent entirely too much time with that game of yours, wasted a lot of afternoon :) I finally had to google the game for the last few answers I couldn't get--let's just say your score was higher than mine. A fun game, I'm linking to it for sure.

kailani said...

I went to that site and I have to say that the picture kind of freaked me out!

The Naked Nerd said...

Hi ICL, It's been awhile. How've things been with you?

Lisa said...

Oh I am afraid to even go look at that picture. I know I'd blow an entire afternoon being type A too!

I had over one thousand posts on my blogger blog and I'm up to almost 2k on WP. (Yeah, I write too much! ;-) )

I didn't lose any of my posts and they all transfered over when I moved to WP.

Hope you are having a great Sunday ICL.


Mrs Lifecruiser said...

I'd move to wordpress.com whatever the amount of posts where. Blogger is only annoying - and especially for people visiting and trying to comment! It's too often problem when commenting on blogger, I'm sorry to say.

And even when publishing it takes too long if your blog is big.

Check up wordpress.com at least before you do anything else. They have a import function for Blogger posts.

The Kept Woman said...

Very cool M&M thingie...must not get started. Looks highly addictive.

Like M&Ms themselves...

Carmen said...

i started this last week on a conference call. I found 38 and then I nearly threw the computer out the window. :)

~**Dawn**~ said...

i have a huge number of posts to my blog. well over 1000. it still save sthem all. it only shows up to 300 in the "edit posts" section. they will always be in your blog. and you can still search them by content or title in the "edit posts" section.

Charmed1 said...

Oh my goodness.... I am so stuck on some of the M&M ones...