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Sunday, October 22, 2006

SOS - Sunday Only Speak

So this is a lame-a$$ SOS. It's so lame that it doesn't even qualify as a SOS.

So if you joined to get any spiritual enlightenment, move on or go back and read this post SOS - The Facts of Life ... er well that is kinda on the borderline too... borderline spiritual maybe but funny as heck.

This one's a good one - from the heart - SOS - Kids 'n Church. This one's good SOS - It's what's in for FALL.

I promise I will have a good one for next week. I've already started working on it. Brilliance doesn't just happen overnight ya know!!! Oh ya, sometimes it does.

So in lieu of that I commit the sin of pride, one of my better ones, and present to you a combo video display the virtues of my wonderdogs to the sound of my fabulous son (Mr Philosopher) 's music and my creative and poetic genius of choreography and vision as I present....

It's A Dog's Life ... I'm After

(aren't we all?)

~ The stressful life of a pet dog ~

Thanks to Steven Novak for the inspiration to put up a video with actual Titles and credits and music. Consequently he also gets the blame for not spirtual enlightenment. Hey Steve, may see ya down there.



Lisa said...

Love your video! It's all good- our doggies are God's creatures too. :-)

Gracie said...

That cracked me up! Cute lil baby you've got there. I'm super impressed with the Poodle, too.

I love me some poodles! I had a Miniature (about 12") at one time (she got old) and she was THE smartest dog, EVER. I'm thinking next time I want a Standard. I'm not particularly fond of a dog my boys might squish accidently...:)

Maribeth said...

That was so great! Adorable! All of Greta's brothers and sisters looked like her.
Shubi's brother Toni was adopted by our friends and he stayed much darker than Shubi did.
I want to keep one of Greta's babies, a girl, and then raise it right from day one! How fun is that?

Jana said...

That was too cute!

The conversation between Jim and Pam on The Office:
She said something about a one bedroom one bath apartment. Jim asked how many kitchens. She said one. He said she got gypped, because all the newer apartments have three.

It was really funny to me and my hubby because we actually have two kitchens and we're putting in a third one in the master suite!

Pam said...

Awww, what a nice job ICL!!! Interesting choice of music but I liked it...shhhh don't tell anyone. ;0]


happy and blue 2 said...

Really nice video. I liked how the dog breathing fit with the music..
Anyways, hope you will make more videos..