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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

1. My project went live last weekend WEE!
2. It's really starting to get cold! I've ditched my sandals. Alas :(
3. I can't find my library book and it's overdue. BITCH
4. I only ran once so far this week. LAZYA$$
5. It was because I was too busy and had meetings. OK Chica!
6. They already have another project they want me to start. NUTS!
7. Can't a girl ever get a rest? Apparently NUT!
8. We're going away this weekend with my sis / bil. YAY!
9. I bought a Maeve Binchy book at Costco. Financial WIZ (avoidance of future overdue fees)
10. My daughter's house purchase fell through. ... Sniffles
11. My therapy sessions are good. I rock! hee
12. Taking charge of something is a good thing. Ya think?
13. This was a random 13 Duh!?

I leave you with a pic of an anorexic cock.


Thanks Lisa!


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Ghost said...

You do rock!

Have a Happy!

Lisa said...

Hurray about your project going live, but they need to give you a bit of a rest! :-)

Enjoy your visit this weekend and love your rooster! LOL

Not only do you rock, you rock hard! ;-)

MysteriousLady said...

You as crazy as me! he he he!

Happy TT!

mar said...

random is my kind of TT :)

The Little Woman said...

No, you cannot have rest. If I can't sleep, neither can you. Today is day seven of NO sleep. I'm all kinds of fun..

mist1 said...

I am impressed with your running. I ran once this year. I had to beat another woman eyeing a pair of shoes on sale.

Maribeth said...

Great list. As for the anorexic cock, Greta's boyfriend, Bernie has not eaten well since he "had a piece of Greta". Talk about being "love sick".

The Imperfect Christian said...

I still wear my sandals, even when the snow hits. Well, I don't wear them OUTSIDE, unless I'm just running out to get something, but I don't have the heart to put them away...not ever!!

Anonymous said...

Running once is better than not running at all. It does seem to be getting rather chilly in Ottawa - all of my family is still back there, so I have Ottawa and Munich weather on my google home page!

Congrats on your project going live. :)

Happy TT. :)

AlRo said...

I'm still in denial!
I still wear shorts!

Trish said...

Decided to drop in on you before you dropped in on me for a change.. oh, and the skinny cock got my attention. LOL

Stop by to read about Toronto Hauntings! :)
Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

yes, the skinny cock is an attention grabber. haha! i too only ran once this week, and i'm drinking coffee right now trying to get up enough motivation to do it again. :)
happy tt!

Melissa said...

Love the randomness! Going to have to resort to randomness some time or another myself...

Thirteen 10th Birthday Photos

YellowRose said...

Random is awesome....I did random too! ;)

Happy Thursday, mine is up!

Beth said...

I swear that rooster aka the anorexic cock, lives at my mom's house. And my TTs are always random.

anastasia said...

I wish I could say #11 !!!!

happy and blue 2 said...

My first visit here. I really like todays post. And I like the video in a previous post as well. The rest of the site really su..just kidding. I really like your site..

Wethyb said...

Cold sucks! I think I'm in the wrong part of the country :)

Tracie said...

Great random list!!

I wear my sandles year round....my husband calls me crazy!

My TT is up!

angela said...

Have a great time with your sis...people will just give you work to do until you lay in the floor and have a fit about it, so you just need to take the time off. Sounds like you deserve it since you finished your other project. Do something for YOU!

kailani said...

Great ramdom list! It does sound like you need a break, though! LOL!

Wystful1 said...

Hi I C L!!
Happy Friday...

Thanks for the visit yesterday.

And to answer your question: Just go to Google and in the search line type your FIRST name, then just behind that needs and click search.

For instance - say your first name is Mary. You'd type in Mary needs and then click to search. (no last name at all, just first name)

Chelle Y. said...

You're very witty! :)

Norma said...

Have a fun time with your sister.

My TT is up