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Friday, October 27, 2006


Hey THE OFFICE fans. This was a repeat episode of the season opener and a CLASSIC dudes!

Initially I was disappointed it was not a new episode but then I got into it again since it was such a great one and picked up on things I missed from the first view.

My favourite parts - tell me yours:

- Stanley explaining about why he now has two toasters... OMG I love Stanley

- Jim putting the guy ahead of him's calculator in jello ... what's that guy's name? ... and when that guy gets all mad and kicks the garbage can

- Jim explaining how he got his name of "Big Tuna" in his new office and the fact that he thinks nobody knows what his real name is

- The girl behind Jim explaining to the camera how Jim always shirks in front of the camera. She captured his antics beautifully!

- Dwight saying at the beginning how much he misses Jim and blubbering and all and then saying it was not true very emphatically. Believable in both parts!

- Michael trying to kiss Oscar to prove he is not homophobic

- Dwight trying to kiss Oscar because he was all inspired by Michael's demonstration

You can see a 2 minute replay on the NBC site here. See it all on exclusive deleted scenes.

Hug it out bitches if you love THE OFFICE!!!!


mist1 said...

Fantastic episode. I loved it when Oscar's "roommate" is in the parking lot.

"I wonder if he knows."

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Misty - I loved that line too! Glad you're getting hooked on THE OFFICE too!!

Anonymous said...

I still haven't seen it...


*hangs head in shame* ;)


Irish Church Lady :) said...

Steve ~ Dude! Ya gotta get a life! A life without the office in it just ain't worth livin'!

Anonymous said...

how funny! that was exactly the same with me, i was disappointed it was a repeat but then i totally got into it again. i love the part when oscar was outed and the big guy was snickering at the camera when he found out. i dont' remember his name, he was the one who sang in the band that was going to perform at pam's wedding. anyway he did it twice and it cracked me up. the episode is hilarious! i feel like i have to watch it through my fingers because michael is such an idiot the whole time. ha! anyway, thanks for stopping by my tt! yep, i got a jeep jogging stroller (it has speakers and my ipod hooks up to it, ha!) but i ended up going to the gym. thanks for asking! happy friday!

The Naked Nerd said...

LOL Thanks for the link. I've have to download some of the shows. Just to funny. :)

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Hey Christie! Thanks for joining in. That would be Kevin. I loved that part when he snickered a few times too!

I was going to mention it but thought I'd leave it for some other fan to mention.

Great stuff on the baby jogger!

Come back next week ay?

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Nerd - I'm glad you've downloaded them!!! Aren't they too funny?

Even the deleted scenes on the website can be funny.

I'm gonna have to get into Dwight Schrutes blog next. It's linked on the nbc site.

mar said...

no "Office" around here :(
It's not what it seems, no Magnum tv show :)
I am writing a post to be published in the near future. Meanwhile, chill the magnum bottle !