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Thursday, October 19, 2006

TT - Domestic Disasters in my Life

WEEK 63 - My #17

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OK first off I would like to thank everyone for all of their great movie ideas given for my last week's TT. I've decided what my #13 now is, I've got a list of movies to check out and I'm gonna start my second list of 13 favourite movies because no can do take any off the old list!!!

So drum roll please.......my #13 favourite movie is Sweet Magnolias. I just loved Weezy and Clarice in the movie and Sally Field and Julia Roberts did some great acting.

OK well now I'm going to recap my list of domestic disasters. No particular order. Let me know if you've had these close encounters of the abnormal kind. I always say misery loves empathy!

  1. #1 As a kid I unknowingly refilled the sugar bowl with salt and gagged big time on my cereal.
  2. #2 When I was 3 I climbed up on the dining room table and started gnawing on a solid pound of butter put out for lunch. I got about 1/3 of the way through. This probably should have gone on my list of Stupid Things I Did as a Child but I ran out of #'s!!!!
  3. #3 Got electrocuted when I was washing dishes and picked up a knife and accidentally touched the metal toaster with it that was on. The electricity transferred up my arm, across my shoulders and then down my other arm to the water, water being a conductor of electricity of course. Hard way to learn my high school physics theories!!
  4. #4 After I had been on a few dates with my husband and had only met his kids once, briefly. I came over one Sunday afternoon and brought some blueberry cheesecake that I made. He graciously served it. The kids each had a friend over at the time. He said to them "Isn't this great cheesecake that Deb made?" to which his daughter replied "Who's Deb?". I was standing right there in the kitchen. He was so embarrassed but we laughed and still tease DQ about that to this day. She was eight at the time. hee hee
  5. # 5 So my regular readers already know of my Ireland bathtub cleaning disaster blogged about under Monday Memories.
  6. # 6 Clipped my dog too short on the on one side of the head and had to keep going shorter and shorter until he was bald. I cried when my husband came home and saw him because I knew he'd be mad. I was po'd because his hair was so long and he needed a clipping badly and cheapskate dh didn't want to take him to the groomers. That's why I started clipping him on my own. Usually he does it.
  7. #7 A health care aid I am not. When I was a teen my younger sister hit a lamp post on her bike and broke her fingers. While I was sitting trying to comfort her until my parents got home from work I fainted. (Her fingers looked really gross). By the time Mum and Dad got home my other sister had run up to the high school to get my bf from football practice and I was in the bathroom with my head over the toilet.
  8. #8 Made my husband try seafood a second time to see if in fact he really was allergic to it. The last time he had a seafood gumbo at a really fancy restaurant but was deathly ill that night. We got a free meal out of it. (YAY!) We thought maybe the fish was bad. So he casually mentioned that he would like to have some seafood one night about two years later and I encouraged him. He was sick as a dog again. Boy did I feel bad. He can eat scallops and shrimps and fish but not mussels / oysters. I'm not sure about crab or lobster. LOL
  9. #9 Cleaned the kitchen sinks with bleach so much that the rubber pieces on the sink stoppers disintegrated. Left bleach rings on the countertops, spilled bleach on the carpet, got it on my clothes at my waist. I'm the bleach Queen! Yeah!
  10. #10 Cooked a few recipes and forgetting to put in a key ingredient....i.e. baking powder for a cake (rise up damn cake rise), tomato paste for spaghetti sauce (I wondered why it was so watery), walnuts in the nut garnished salad ... I'm sure there have been lots more which I have conveniently also forgotten!
  11. #11 MILK disasters - Drank a few mouthfuls of milk and swallowed before I realized it was sour! Had milk come out my nose once when I laughed after taking a swig at the dinner table. Was still nursing my baby when I returned to work and had to learn to dress creatively or stop talking about my sweet baby at work lest I encourage the let down factor right before a meeting. Got milk?
  12. #12 Put a gold rimmed china teacup in the microwave to warm up some tea. Sparks flew. Don't do that.
  13. #13 Number 13 has been erased from my memory. I know it happened, I just can't remember what it was. Was it a sewing disaster? Terrible tasting dinner disaster? Drank too much and threw up on my guests? I do not know. But maybe if you share with me your best domestic disaster it will jog that awful but protective memory of mine and bring it back out into full view. Feel my pain, internets. Share me yours! lol


Carmen said...

i had the unfortunate experience of being served sour milk at a restaurant. it was awful!

mar said...

Well, after reading you list all I can say (after calming down from laughing, sorry about that!) is that you are somewhat a wonder: you've survived bleach attacks, electrocutions, microwave sparks, among other incidents. You must be a Libra, lol!
happy TT!

mist1 said...

How exactly does one accidentally touch a toaster with a knife?

This is exactly why I don't wash dishes.

Shannon said...

I had fizzy (bad) tomatoes once ina restaurant.

I'm sorry I laughed at all this... but it WAS funny.

Have a fab Thursday!

Tug said...

wow. Glad to see you're still with us! Salt on cereal...yucka.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - you've had quite the list of domestic disasters!

I've done the gold-rimmed china in the microwave thing before. Ooops! Or burning popcorn in the microwave - not good.

The best domestic disaster I can think of wasn't mine, but my aunt's. She was at our place, trying to make my grandmother's pecan pie recipe. The recipe was handwritten, and somehow she read "corn syrup" as "catsup"! Needless to say, the pie did not turn out well. ;)

Happy TT. :)

ribbiticus said...

did those really happen? lol! my tt's up! ;)

Maribeth said...

I've had so many, but I keep them all secret or my title as Domestic Goddess could be ruined!

Chaotic Mom said...

I've done a couple of those, salt and teacup esp. Sigh... VERY interesting list you've put up. Open and honest, for certain. ;)

I've posted 13 Scenes from My Chaotic Life, today. Enjoy!

Leesa said...

These are too funny. I've pulled a couple of these before :)

scribbit said...

You're making me chuckle!

Uisce said...

When I was a kid we made a pecan pie without... I don't even know which ingredient makes the cake get, you know, all hard and stuff. yup, it was pecan soup.

Sarah said...

These are great. I used to melt the bread bag, which we kept on top of the toaster oven, all the time.

YellowRose said...

So glad you allow us to laugh at your mishaps! ;) Great list! Mine is up!

Mr. Fabulous said...

So..you are kind of like the Anti-Martha Stewart LOL

Wethyb said...

OMG.....those are hilarious! I do have to admit that I poured sour milk into my mac and cheese and didn't know it til I started eating it! Ick!!!

anastasia said...

OMG, my side hurts from laughing!!!

Shoshana said...

I laugh so hard...thank you.

My T13 is up too
About my husband

Kathleen Marie said...

Oh my gosh! One disaster after another. You poor thing. I think this calls for a nice long hot bath, a bottle of wine, a nice massage... You need some spoiling girl!

Pam said...



Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Hm.... My lips are sealed. A captain can't make mistakes! I'm not on the Titanic.

I think.... sink.

Michelle said...

# 7 reminds me of the time my sister and I were carving pumpkins as kids with our then single mother. My mom was busy helping me and told my sister to wait and then she would help her. My sister couldn't wait, grabbed the large knife and rammed it into the pumpkin. Stupid is as stupid does, she cut her middle and ring finger all the way down to the bare bone! The bone was exposed, my mom looked at me and asked if I wanted to go with them to the Dr's, I decided to not watch that horror and stayed with a neighbor while they went. Thanks for sharing! Brings back some old memories!

Bellezza said...

Your post is an absolute riot! What a wonderful voice, and sense of humour you have, to say nothing of the wild adventures. I can just imagine putting a gold rimmed tea cup in the microwave, or eating a stick of butter by itself, or feeding my husband seafood because, "Hey, maybe he's just being a baby about being sick." I really enjoyed visiting you, and I'll be back.

Norma said...

How funny. Esp. #13. I can't remember any of my disasters--I guess I've repressed them.

Thanks for visiting my TT.

Gracie said...

Ha! Ha! Great list!

One of my "favourite" kitchen disasters was when I was making a cake from a recipe my sister-in-law had given me that called for a "cup of strong instant coffee"...

Somehow my brain misfired and I put the instant coffee granules into the batter assuming they'd dissolve during cooking. Instead, I got a crunchy, coffee flavoured cake. Aye yi yi!

We still laugh about it!!

Gracie said...

Ha! Ha! Great list!

One of my "favourite" kitchen disasters was when I was making a cake from a recipe my sister-in-law had given me that called for a "cup of strong instant coffee"...

Somehow my brain misfired and I put the instant coffee granules into the batter assuming they'd dissolve during cooking. Instead, I got a crunchy, coffee flavoured cake. Aye yi yi!

We still laugh about it!!

Anonymous said...

Ha--a great list!

Let's see--I thought it would be okay to put liquid dishwashing soap in the dishwasher once when I was out of dishwasher soap (many years ago). Of course, the bubbles burbled over all over the kitchen floor and I almost never got rid of them all.

happy and blue 2 said...

Not a domestic disaster but a handyman one. I once replaced my bathroom faucets and thinking they were ok went downstairs and turned the water back on. It flooded my bathroom..
That's really not all that funny..Quite horrid actually.
Thanks for making me relive it..