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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Washington - the other Capital and other back.talk.crap

Only part of this post is political. Funny but mildly political if you know Steven Colbert. The rest is either health related or full of sex and drugs and body parts but it's all funny. Something for every one, even you depressed bloggers will feel better after this. Yes I know what I'm talking about.

OK I'm going to do you a favour and share this stolen video from Naked Nerd (ya he's linked at the right - he blogs in his birthday suit, get over it) because I really enjoyed this.

Then I want you to do me a BIG favour and read this post and give out two hugs ~ one to me, because you know you waaaaannnt to and one to Mysterious Lady because she's knocked up in a bad way and I don't mean that she's preggers or anything but it's even worse than that. She's confined to bed rest with a bunged back and she's resorted to taking camera pictures of her private parts from her bed because she's bored out of her mind and I think she has to use a bed pan to go to the bathroom because so far she's just been taking pictures of it (the bathroom, not the bedpan) and imagining that she can get there and this is all because she is such a kind-hearted-but-weak-backed nurse who tried to pick up a bloke off the floor but wouldn't you try to do the same thing if that was your job and all and someone was lying on the floor even if you were just visiting the hospital you would try to pick someone up or maybe not because you might get sued so instead you would just laugh at the person and maybe call the nurse so she could hurt her back and end up crazy in bed, high on drugs and with no sense of reality of any kind.

Ah..ahem...here's your checklist so you don't forget:

  1. 1 - watch this video
  2. 2 - click on link above
  3. 3 - read blog entry
  4. 4 - hug me
  5. 5 - grab the link in that blog entry and go to ML's
  6. 6 - read that entry or not but leave hug
  7. 7 - go check out her body part pictures from a delirious mind in her SPH
  8. 8 - give her another hug (or a tickle might be a fun thing to do for you since she can't really move)
  9. 9 - report back to me if you feel mildly stimulated by the experience OR
  10. 10 - remove me from your blog roll if necessary but don't ever come back here again mmmmkay? (I've used that word about 5 times today. I'm kinda likin' it).

Well what are you waiting for? Nag ...nag...nag...that's all you expect me to do.


Melli said...

Good grief... I've been to ML's twice today already ... couldn't you have told me about this a little earlier? I already read her post the day she posted it -- so I'm skippin' that part! I AM however, going back to give her some love!

You are a kindhearted soul ICL... this was very good of you! I'm sure even folks in NON-Irish Church's will agree!

Cat said...


Wow, I come to visit ya, and you send me on a Journey around the internet! thanks!

Take care!

happy and blue 2 said...

Liked the videos..
Two hugs for you..