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Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

OK folks! It seems like the last couple of weeks have be repeats of The Office. This week was a repeat of the Diwali Indian Festival that I blogged about here previously. Here's a few more gems that I picked up from watching it again last night:

  • Michael is worried about his staff offending others (lol- pot calling the kettle black!)
  • Michael acknowledges "Abu from the Simpsons" as a famous Indian.
  • Kevin says "This is the best meeting we've ever had." after the Kama Sutra books are brought out.
  • Angela is a vegetarian and even though all the food is vegetarian she chooses just to eat dry naan bread.
  • Michael asks Carol to marry him on the microphone after they've only been out for nine dates
  • Michael says he and Pam both have something in common now because they are both victims of broken engagements.
  • Pam says "I'm rejecting your kiss" to Michael.
  • The guy who calls Jim Big Tuna brings an inflatable bed to work so he can sleep off his night of office drinking while doing the quarterly reporting.
  • Michael goes home in the back seat of Pam's car with someone else's shoes on.
  • Michael's Adam Sandler imitation at the end.

Check out this link to find a "THE OFFICE" SOLITAIRE Game.


Blogger friend Happy and Blue 2 made this great video "Don't Worry, Be Happy"

Uh, I think it may be Bobby McFerrin singin' here buddy.

Enjoy! I sure did!


Teena said...

I watched it tonight. I felt bad for Michael. He's such a goof!

happy and blue 2 said...

I need to start watching that show.

And the place I borrowed (stole) the music from said it was by Bob Marley. Unless Bob Marley borrowed (stole)it from Bobby McFerrin, ha,ha..
There's just no honor among borrowers (thieves) any more..

Skye said...

Over from Happy's place.

You both could be right. Bobby McFerrin had a popular hit with it in the U.S., but Bob Marley also sung it.

Nice to finally meeting another Office fan! It appears, though, that up in Canada, they are a week or two behind what they're showing in the U.S.. I won't give anything away :) Happy watching!

Gattina said...

Lol, apparently everybody is in a good mood here ! Except my running red nose, me too !

Anonymous said...

Still haven't seen it. ;)


Mrs Lifecruiser said...

I have no idea what you're talking about... Office is not yet here.

But I do know of the video. I'm Happy and not Blue ;-)

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!