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Sunday, November 19, 2006

SOS - Sunday Only Speak

25 Day Countdown to my 300th post - Day 20

Who am I kidding? I've got nuthin' so far for SOS.

Just been goofin' around on the net. I bring you another BaT Video below which I thought was kinda cute because it shows a bunch of scenes from the movie to the tune of a cool Billy Joel song.

Hey internets ~ Don't forget to respond in my post above. Give me your questions that enquiring minds want to know. I've got a few but I need some more, otherwise it will be an awfully short post in blogland! Hey maybe that's what you want! lmao. G0 and check out my 102 things ~ this might give you some inspiration.


Lisa said...

I love this video- what a great find! A classic movie with a classy woman.

Hope your Sunday is great!

happy and blue 2 said...

I liked the video. I've never heard the song before.

Read your 102 things list. What questions could I possibly ask after that, ha,ha..

umm..Have you always lived in Ottawa?
Have you met any MP's or the Prime Minister?
Does your husband blog?
Do you travel a lot?
Why did you start blogging?
What's that. My questions suck.
I know..I'll try to think of better questions,ha,ha..

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Hey Lisa - yes she was classy wasn't she?

H&B2 - those are great questions! Thanks a lot. Keep 'em coming if you think of any more while you're lying in bed awake at night LOL

Cheeky said...

More questions....

What music is on your ipod, cd player or whatever your medium of choice would be?

What was your worst fashion stage? (I sorta did the valley girl thing but like you coulda like figured that out by now...lol)