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Thursday, November 16, 2006

TT - My 'old' favourite blogs to read

25 day Countdown to my 300th post - Day 23

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Week #67 my 21st TT

OK time to post this baby. I wrote this a long time ago and have had it in my drafts. This is a list of blogs that I used to read every day. It was from when I first started doing Thursday Thirteen a few months after starting blogging.

I still try to read them regularly, but of course I've added some more to my repetoire now too and there are even more that I read periodically that I do enjoy!

Some from below are expired blogs or ones on hiatus.
I just thought that since I am counting down to my 300th post I would post the list as it was initially written and add my recent editorial comments.

I feel like this is the list that Austin Powers was going through when he came back to the nineties from the 60's and realized he had missed out on a lot that changed.
  1. Speckled Pup - on hiatus
  2. R's Waste of Space - now defunct
  3. The Kept Woman - funny female shit
  4. Kami's DallasK's - dallas bitch
  5. Snow Trapped Cheeky - our singer, still a regular read!
  6. Fleur de Lisa - fabulous fotographer and meme sharer
  7. The Dackel Princess - doggies r us
  8. The Mayhem Tank - ranter and raver
  9. The Naked Nerd - funny male shit
  10. Raw Matt - my first blogger pal!
  11. Your name here

Happy TT!


Knitting Maniac said...

I will have to check some of those out!

Happy TT.

Anonymous said...

There were a couple of those I didn't know.

Oh, and my name is number 13...right? Right. ;)


Butterfly Kisses said...

Isn't it funny how we make TT drafts or think about TT topics almost everyday? I will think of something and be like, hey that would make a great 13. Then when it comes time to write my 13, I forgot what it was I had thought about doing.

Le laquet said...

I still read about 1/2 a dozen of the very first blogs I found ... like slipping into old warm slippers!

Chelle Y. said...

What a nice "shout-out" to your friends!


Wendy Ann Edwina D'Cunha e Pereira said...

it's always nice to get recommendations on good blogs to visit... I will definitely check out some of them...

amy said...

Love that post!!!!! I like to research new places

The Naked Nerd said...

WOW I REALLY LIKE THE NEW LOOK! It's you and very eye pleasing. Good job ICL! Nicely done. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your "old" favourite blogs with us. I'll have to bookmark this post and come back later to check out the ones I'm not familiar with.

Happy T13. :)

Maribeth said...

Thank you for selecting me to be #9!!!! I feel honord!

Carmen said...

can't pass up something called the naked nerd!

happy and blue 2 said...

Always like good links. I'll check these ones out later..

Tug said...

ha - yes, I'll have to check out the naked nerd, too...fun list!!

Happy TT.

Gattina said...

I'll check some later have first to go through my Thursday 13 !
Do you know by any chance what the word is for Stuff Portrait ? I can't find anything !

It's nice to "dig out" old bloggers !

[Mat] said...

made you discover blogger, don't you love it??

Mom's Secret Life said...

Wow! I wonder how many of the first blogs I read are still around.

My 27th is up.

Goofy Girl said...

Ooohz! Some fun things to check out!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Aha, fun list, old blogs.... I see I have missed some of them. Bummer :-)

Lisa said...

Awww, thank you for putting me on your list. I am honored. Even if it's called "old" (I kept typing odd instead.) Does that mean I'm old too? LOL

I met the cutest little Irish man today and thought of you. He was telling me about having too many pints at the pub and not knowing where he woke up in the morning. He's 70 years old and as cute as a leprechaun!

mist1 said...

I miss the Pup. I also miss my old blog. You were one of my first regulars. Thanks for remembering.

anastasia said...

I have to put in a plug for my older bro, "The Naked Nerd", he always makes me laugh.

Gotta run, I'm gonna check out the rest of your list!!!

The Naked Nerd said...

OMG I made your top list! ICL thanks, and I'm glad you like my blog. Thanks for the recognition. I'm not worthy. ;)

Norma said...

I keep a couple of things in draft either thinking about it or for a busy day. These look good.

My TT is up. http://collectingmythoughts.blogspot.com/2006/11/thursday-thirteen-13-things-about-my.html