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Sunday, December 10, 2006

6 weird things

Bellezza tagged me for this meme.

I thought I had done it before but it was actually 5 weird things about me. This six promises to be completely different. I've slept since then.

1. I used to love Saturday Night Live in the mid 80's when Billy Crystal, Jon Lovitz, Martin Short and Christopher Guest were regulars on that show. Some of my favourite skits were the
You Know What I Hate? Willie (Christopher Guest) and Frankie (Billy Crystal) discuss means of self-torture, Fin-de-Siecle Prison Homosexuality (Guest & Lovitz) - omg this one was so funny but I can't find a transcript, Fernando's Hideaway (Billy Crystal), Jackie Rogers Jr.'s $100,000 Jackpot Wad (Short), Ed Grimley (Short) . There was one particular episode that Eddie Murphy came back to guest host which was so funny - it had Mr Robinsons Neighbourhood (Murphy), Black History Minute (Murphy), White Like Eddie (Murphy). I used to have the best of SNL for one year on Betamax tape. I loved each one of the skits on the tape. I would love to have the exact tape on DVD now. For now I just have to reread the transcripts above to get a laugh but I would love to be able to share some of these skits on film with you. Lou Grant Rescue Mission was funny too.

2. I hate if I'm late for a movie and miss seeing the movie trailers from the beginning.

3. I was in a couple of car accidents last year when I was traveling out of town. One was my fault and one was not. Consequently I have become a bit of a nervous backseat driver. It drives my hubby nuts because I feel he drives too close and I'm often raising my hands to the dashboard and bracing my feet as if I'm putting on the brakes. We've come up with a compromise. If I'm getting nervous because of his driving, I say the words "I'm anxious" and then close my eyes and leave it up to him to alter his driving if he feels necessary or not. I guess you could call it the couples version of "Jesus, Take the Wheel!".

4. I really haven't done anything for Christmas yet. I bought a few small items but that is all. Some of the decorations are up (thanks to my daughter and hubby for the outside). I'm not into Christmas at all this year, even less than last year, which is kind of unexpected, as I would have thought last year would have been harder for me as it was the first Christmas without Mum. I hope the spirit comes soon.

5. I'm a perfectionist in some things but I also rush through things. Take my posts, I really hate it when I find a typo or missing word in them if I reread them over later after I have posted it. The problem is that I don't take the time to proof it before I post. I'm giving you internets all free license to say "You're a dork" whenever you see a typo in my post. Please, please, please point it out. I want to see how often this occurs without me realizing it and then maybe it will make me take more care to proof my work.

6. I used to have a mild fascination with snakes. As a kid I adopted a wild garter snake from our cottage, brought it home and took it to school to show my class. It was funny because my aunt was really afraid of it and on the way home from the cottage, her boyfriend would tease her by using his belt to pretend it was the snake and tell her that the snake had got out of the box in the car. She freaked. I think I let it go after a couple of days. In my teens, I held a huge boa constrictor at some wildlife park in Florida. My Mum freaked. I think that my fascination of snakes came from me wanting to prove I was brave. I'm not fussy about them now. I'm not afraid of them but I don't like them like I used too. Prolly doesn't help that my husband hates snakes. I have not seen Snakes on a Plane, nor have no desire to, but check out Snakes on a Blog, it's cute.

Nothing too racy like last time.

I'm not gonna tag anyone but welcome anyone to pick this up if they feel so inclined.

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happy and blue 2 said...

You keep getting weirder and weirder, ha,ha..
I also get ticked off if I miss the movie trailers. They are usually better than the movie is.
And I could use more proof reading on my posts too. But pffftt..

Bellezza said...

Hooray, Irish Church Lady! I loved reading your things. I can totally relate to being late, but I amend it to anything, not just movies. We greet at our enormous church, and I swear half the members come halfway through the service. Which means I miss it too, waiting for them! It must have been scary being in two car accidents; I'd be a bit anxious myself. I love your solution. I'm trying that when my husband speeds up the ramp on the tollroad to "blend" with the traffic. At 80 miles per hour. I'm sorry about losing your mom; it must be just terribly hard. I hope you find some sweet moments in Christmas even though it hurts.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

HB2 ~ yay! I take that as a compliment coming from you. But you will point out my typos from now on won't you?

Belleza ~ I hope that my car communication and survival tactics work for ya! He was tired of me telling him to slow down and I said "I'm entitled to express how I feel" so we turned it around so instead of me telling him what to do, I tell him how I feel by saying "I'm anxious!" and he gets the message. LOL

local girl said...

Being a flight attendant, I couldn't watch Snakes on a Plane. Even though I know it's not real, it would probably still freak me out! I heard in a Pheonix theater, someone released live snakes during a movie showing! Yikes!

Lisa said...

Oh no, not snakes! Snakes are up there with clowns for me. Yikes!

I love your SNL links. So funny. :-)

The Kept Woman said...


I love the older seasons, as a matter of fact I heard they just put the original seaon out on DVD. I think since we've gotten so PC as a society the material has become less racy and therefore more maintstream and hum-drum.