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Saturday, January 13, 2007

SNAP to it with SPA!

Let's get one thing straight. I'm not getting paid to write this post. *

I'm doing it for love.

I love this new Snap Preview Anywhere™ tool that you now see for the links on my blog.

I found it first at Sanni's Coffee2 Go site and I said, hey I gotta get me a piece of that.

So I implemented it right away and it was a SNAP to do. I honestly don't remember how but it was easy. It involved putting some code into my template. Click on the link "Get free previews from SNAP.com" that you see a the bottom of a preview when you hover on any site and it will bring you something that looks like this and you can sign up from there.

SNAP.com is a growing company ~ see more in a news interview with Tom McGovern, CEO on CNBC here.

Oh and I just read on their SNAP blog that they got a contract with WordPress so that all those users will get it as part of their WordPress blogs. Alright!! (say me, even though I'm a Blogger user, I still get the benefit if WordPress users have it. Woot!)

So tell me, do you like the SNAP Preview functionality?

* I'm not a big PPP fan or fan of blogs with advertising, even though I still read the blogs but with less devotedness. Sorry folks, it's my blog and how I feel. Dog knows Pool Boy would be thrilled if I got paid for blogging because I spend so much time doing it.

Incidentally this is pure coincidence but I find this funny.

I just created a blogspot last night to store my photos that I submit to the more serious photo memes (I'm finding my current one ICL is at Home is too busy, I needed an all white one) called Irish Church Lady Snaps (as in Snapshots ... kind of an oxymoron [yes, my favourite word] which I find funny because it's all digital these days and plus I've been dealing with depression quite a bit these days - yes my own, my sisters, my FIL which is why I chose the blogspot name) and then I read about this SNAP.com phenomenom which I had coincidentally just implemented myself only a few weeks ago.

There's more. A project I was working on last year was called SNAP and I work on SAP application software as part of my job and I love going to the SPA (acronym for Snap Preview Anywhere™ ) and my daughter Nurse-a-Baby works at a SPA called THE SPA.
Is it just me or do you find these types of coincidences, commonalities humourous?

I guess the dear dog was telling me to blog about this or maybe his alter ego. Hmmmmm...

Me thinks my dear god is telling me to get on and finish my cleaning (which I haven't started today)but first I'm going out for a run with DQ Girl.

Laters, internets!



mar said...

I have had this gadget for about a month now and I love it!!!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Wow! All that snapping and I seriously need some nap'ing - or taking time off and visit the SPA... *phew*

I really don't know what to think about it, it seems to be very spread opinions about this tool, so I think I have to investigate it some more...

Anonymous said...

At first it made me wonder what the heck I did...LOL. I'm getting used to it now, I'll have to see how it goes. I'm slow like that. ;-)

Lisa said...

Oh I love SNAP...I'm snapping now too, thanks to you. It wasn't quite as easy installing it onto a WordPress blog that is hosted on my own server, but it was still quite easy. I love the sneak previews that it offers. I had to laugh out loud at your new photo blog name!

It also makes me think of that woman Joy on "My Name is Earl"- (as it's on before "The Office") and she says snap all of the time. LOL

Have a wonderful evening ICL! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah I like it too but I don't know what my wife will say when I tell her I'm going to SNAP... "not again" probably.

I'm sure your sis will be fine tomorrow. You never know, her new "pirate" may turn out to be a Johnny Depp lookalike.

Anonymous said...

Good idea I will try it too. I always wondered where these Snap previews came from and thought it would be part of Blogger. But I couldn't find anything and felt like an orphan ! Now, thanks to you I will try to put it in my sidebar too ! Congratulations to your photo blog, I created my "Keyhole pictures" for the same reason. My main blog just got overcrowded with all these pictures.
"See" you tomorrow at the "cat's"

local girl said...

Thanks for the link. I've been seeing this on an increasing amount of blogs lately.

Melli said...

Personally I find the Snap thing quite annoying -- but I am in the minority there! I wish you actually had to click to get the preview rather than just running over it - because sometimes people have several links all right near each other and you have things poppin' all over the place! I'm learning though to just keep my curser off to the side until I see someplace I DO want to try! I really don't see how the preview makes visiting the page any more or less desirable. (unless it's in judging a book by the cover?) But those are just MY feelings!

I wanted to THANK YOU for coming by my blog and leaving such a wonderful comment -- not to wordy at all, I think! I'm really enjoying getting other people's opinions on this church topic! And each of you is giving me things to consider and think about! I VERY MUCH appreciate it! :)

Anonymous said...

How much did they pay you for that? ;)


happy and blue 2 said...

I find it annoying. Plus it blocked off some of the text at the start of your post.
The snap coincidences are funny though.
And I still like you. Even though no one else said they did..

Anonymous said...

I don't really like SNAP that much either. What I DO like is that MEEZ thingy! I hope you don't mind that I did one of myself. Yours is just adorable! It looks just like you.. I couldn't get my hair blonde, so I had to settle for highlights. But I had a ton of fun setting mine up. This really made me laugh.

Did you check out the animations? How about the Brad Pitt one or the snowman? They are just too darn cute!

Thanks for sharing this...

Have a great day, ICL!!

L.L. Barkat said...

Jury's still out for me. Mostly, I'm surprised and confused when these things pop up!

Guess I oughta snap to it. :)

Anonymous said...

I just Snapped it away, while looking on Cats on Tuesdays members.
It's really Snappy.

Maybe, next time I see a SAP application, I'll see it? he-he A preview of secrets accounts. Wow.

Debbie said...

Used correctly it is a really neat tool. But some blogs I have been on have this thing popping up all over and you can't escape it. It has turned me sour on it for now! I see you have tamed the ugly beast and I wish others would follow your lead!