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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Updated Ah fiddlesticks! That's it! They're done!


Ah fiddlesticks! That's it! They're done! They're over! But my cleaning list is not yet done!

I'm feeling depressed. There's only one thing that can help me. I go crazy today trying to finish the rest and in doing so I am sure to put my back out and then I can stay home sick for a few daze and blog away, read, watch movies, take strong anti spasmatic muscle relaxant drugs and then drift in and out of a dreamy fogland sleep.

But what if I miss something really important at werk? Some new organizational changes, a key meeting, some project issues that only I can solve? he he

My obsessive-compulsive tendencies are killing me here. What to do, what to do?

I think I'll get another cup of coffee and blog some more to ponder it.

Oh in the meantime, can you please help a new blogger friend out? Bipolar Mo needs some votes to win some wacky medical book. He's a funny man with issues. Need I say more? Now go vote, mmm'kay?

Laters, internets

Now give me some love...




Frances said...

Just had to pop in and catch up with what's going on in your life.
Saints Preserve Us did you ever clean. I love those white cleaning pads too. Your Photo Hunt brought tears to my eyes, and your Sister Act photo was so perfectly nostaglic looking.
Thanks for sharing.

Mr. Fabulous said...

Take another week off. It's okay. I'll make some calls.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Frances ~ you're a dear to check up on me now grab a magic pad!

Fab ~ just what I wanted to hear. I could use the extra week! Tell them I caught the 'magic' flu!

Lisa said...

My dear ICL, You are so funny! The odd thing is, my own obsessive compulsive tendencies have really and truly put my back out today. I'm currently on the sofa getting wacked out on medication. Ouchie! So forgive my typos this evening.

You should be very proud of all the cleaning and such that you did accomplish. Focus on the postive my dear! :-) YOU ROCKED!!
Hugs to you!!

Bluepaintred said...

im my experiance, coffee always helps

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Ouch. Why do I get back pains when it's YOU doing the hard work? *lol*

Take a week off so I can get better...

Oh, and I did go and vote too. Hard work. Phew. I need to rest after that.

Anonymous said...

He, he (I am a sadist) I don't have these worries anymore ! I can do now what you are dreaming of ! But sorry about your back, I know that hurts I suffered from that but now since I swim everyday it's gone by miracle. Household ? Just wait until it cleans from itself. Sometime it does, because you get used to the dirt and don't see it anymore, lol !

Anonymous said...

Oh dear...what have you started ICL. I shall be charged with cheating and be flogged to within inches of my life. Many thanks but please don't send anymore of your congregation over to vote honey.

Oh and also... I wasn't sure about the Irish thing with you being in Canada. And as you're such a rascal I'm now not sure about the church thing. And as for the lady bit... well maybe it's better not to ask... or I might end up with Canada Atheist Ladyboy.

Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

I love coffee. Just keep resting and blogging. ;)

Norma said...

Coffee and blogging.

My Monday Memories this week is about a hymn book from the 1870s. Stop by and take a look.

happy and blue 2 said...

After all that time off I think you should get to work, ha,ha..