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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cruise Nuise

Firstly, thanks to everyone for your lovely St. Patrick's Day wishes yesterday! It was a grand day! I had lots of fun with the jokes and Irish prayers and blessings I left on many blogs.

Now on to
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We are having a wild and rauchous grand time aboard Lifecruiser's Cyber Cruise boat!

We started in Stockholm, Sweden from Mrs LC's port and then went to Oslo, Norway where RennyBA and TorAa were our taunting and teasing gracious hosts! You must go see their joint video, prepared last night! True Vikings trying to share the love!! Today is Waterloo, Belgium where we will be delighted so see what Gattina has up the sleeve of her Egyptian dress! (She was just reminiscing ~ you'll have to read her post to understand). On Monday we go with Mar to Barcelona, Spain.

Yours truly is hosting it on March 20th at a surprise destination port! Mysteries abound!

Melli is up to her usual hilarious tricks. Maribeth and Sanni and lots of others are up to various antics in the comments! You've gotta read them. And if you visit, please tell us you dropped in on that port! The more the better group sex we'll have the merrier!

Here is the link to the schedule so you can see where we're headed after that!


Make your own Zing!

All about the Cyber Cruise

Mrs Lifecruiser is having a V-cruise starting on Friday March 16. What's a V-cruise you ask? A virtual cruise!! Some call it a Cyber Cruise. Read all about it here and here.

The Cyber Cruise Scheduled ports


RennyBA said...

Thanks for plugging both TorAa and me! It has been a great pleasure to have you in Oslo and we welcome you back any time!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

The pleasure was all mine, Renny! It was a fun day!

Gattina said...

Hi Lady, leave your church and cruise to Waterloo ! After having lost my text due to @#:=@#§ Bloogle Glogger, it's now ready and looks boozed ! It's not me, (not yet) but Bloogle they published my text like drunken sailors and it's impossible to correct because now they are sitting on the line and nothing works ! Better something then nothing, maybe during the day it will be better !

Gattina said...

Wow ! where did you get this flag ! It's great and congratulations you found one because Belgium on the worldmap looks like a fly poop. Indeed I forgot to mention that there are a little more than 30 Waterloos in the whole world, most of them in the States and Canada of course, but I guess in Australia too. In the Wellington museum is a map which indicates where all the other Waterloos are located. Yes, and of course they have been named by belgian immigrants after "my" Waterloo ! The picture of you is really nice (has to be because of the flag !)

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Now I'm getting a bit confused, here you're only mentioning a mystery destination at the 20th.

Is it a mystery destination the 20th AND Ottawa the 23th or what? *lol*

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

And You look absolutely stunning in that flagdress ;-)

mar said...

Loved that zing!
busy running last minute errands, it's been a lot of fun but being a hostess is also a lot of pressure after the fun Vikings and Gattina!!
Can't wait for the surprise tour :)

chase said...

Got here through Renny's blog. I think I saw this one too on a blog review. ooohh I'm excited to see your cruise post

Mr. Fabulous said...

I heard about this cruise. Very cool!

Melli said...

Oh we are alllllll having a grand old time to be SURE! And I LOVE a mystery so I am really looking forward to our surprise destination! I just HOPE wherever it is, they HAVE a HAT shoppe!

Sorry I FAILED to get by here yesterday! If there was ANYone I should have visited yesterday it should have been YOU! HAPPY belated St. Paddy's Day!!! Erin Go Braugh!