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Monday, March 19, 2007

Seven Songs

Tug has tagged me. Isn't she purdy?

List seven songs you are into right now...no matter what they are....BUT.... They must be songs you are presently enjoying. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.

Well let's see this is easy. I just have to flip over to my handy dandy Irish and Loving It Video Blog and rhyme 'em off:

  1. Where the Streets have no Name - U2 (this is a funny coincidence because I posted this video up Friday a.m. and then on Friday at work we had a band come in for St. Patrick's Day at lunch hour and this is the last song that the played ~ after many Irish tunes of course.)
  2. Jennifer Hudson ~ And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going ~ from Dreamgirls
  3. Listen ~ Beyonce (from Dreamgirls)
  4. Fergalicious ~ Fergie
  5. Hey Mama ~ Black Eyed Peas
  6. The Town I Loved So Well - Paddy Reilly
  7. Not Ready to Make Nice ~ Dixie Chicks

I tag 7 people who's first name's begin with the first letter of eac'h item in the above list.

That is W, J, L, F, H, T, N

That's right peoples. Don't let me down and don't make me come lookin' for ya. If you've never spoken up b4, now would be a good time.


Gattina said...

The trouble with me is, that I love some songs but never know who sings it or the title ! Of course I know my favourites but what you listed here doesn't ring a bell.
I just came from Mar in Barcelona and it was a wonderful sightseeing ! Yesterday I left you hungry on my cruise in Waterloo, but took the opportunity with Manic Monday where the word today is "Chips", to present you some Restaurants in Waterloo of course with CHIPS ! and Melli put a hat on, when you see it, first scotch yourself on the chair, otherwise you risk to fall down ! Gee, I am still laughing !

Debbie said...

So glad one of those initials weren't mine. Can't come up with 7 songs and that is terrible given I listen to music a lot but Hubby is the one who plays it not me!

So the Irish lady had a fun Irish day! I did too. Other than the cool air it was a wonderful day full of bright sunshine and lots of green (from God) popping out all over!

Tug said...

Great list!! Thanks for playing.... ;-)

(I almost said thank you for playing with me...but...ahem...well you know) LOL

Sparky Duck said...

I am impressed by that cornucopia of music. I could love Streets anyday of the week! I still have the Super Bowl performance on my TiVo until I can figure out how to copy it to someplace else.