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Monday, March 19, 2007

España ~ Updated!

Enjoying the cruise port stop in Barcelona, Spain today.

Mar has put on a fabulous display of photos and food.

I've posted my own little contribution on my Video Blog today which is a Video of a Catalonian Singer, Albert Pla. A cute video, rendition of "Take a Walk on the Wild Side".

Update!~ In me party dress for the evening! Everyone is having such a swell time! This is really turning into a fabulous cruise!

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Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Come and see my new sexy dress, I'm ready to go out for dinner and see the nightlife in Barcelona! Bring me some more Dom!

mar said...

Loved it!! loved it! thanks so much for the video *wink*

mar said...

added a link to it too

TorAa said...

Can't wait for finding out where ypu'll bring us today:)

Captain Lifecruiser said...

Oh, my god! It's really the party gal numro uno!!!! For real! *whistles* Im vert very impressed. We'll need that bodyguards to keep all cruisers safe on the way home to the cruise after the nightlife!

This is the most fabulous cruise, such a fab bunch of cruisers have never be spotted before :-)

RennyBA said...

Woow, what an elegant Lady! May I have the next dance?

Melli said...

Ooooo La la! Beauuuutiful you! I knew you'd be turnin' the heads of Renny and Tor!!!

Carol said...

You look fabulous, dahlin! Really, you do.