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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pirate Attack!!

Captain Lifecruiser and crew ~ hand over yer ears! You are being attacked!!! ~ by Pirate Music!!! Not only that but yer being attacked by bad taste, raucousness and debauchery! Gattina ~ stop them!! Throw some of Sanni's shoes!!! Quick!! Those BAM ones will do! (Ya the Big A$$ M... ones!) . Oh it's only Richard Marcus and Johnny Caruso that are plundering us with their recently released song "It's Great to be a Pirate". They'll be moving along soon!

The Pirate Partay Ship from de Cyber Cruise
my pimped pic!Avast!!! Capitaine Lifecruiser is having a partay!!! Aye she is. Ana it's aboard her Loveboat! All awash wit' buxom beauties an' wenches. Today, this port of call is with yours truly, the Irish Church Lady.

Aarrr!!! No, not the sweet and innocent one that you all know and love. (She is an angel though isn't she? ) This is the Irish Pirate Church Lady, with a bit of pirattitude mixed in with the Irish.

She is a feisty one, make no mistake about it. She'll shiver yer timbers and make ye walk the plank if ye don't behave like a pirate on this here now my Poop Deck.

Mrs. Lifecruiser is havin' 'er way with the Mr. Last I saw 'im, he was a obliging. They'll be no need for that Sanni's wooden pipe dick at this port. No, but we 'ave a few wi' wooden legs around, as necess'ry.

Me seaworthy ship is going to take you on a little harbour cruise. An' in case you don'ta think I'm a qualified, to run yer little lads and lasses 'round the 'arbour, you'd better check this out first!

So hop abard smartly an' make yerself at home me beauties. Pour yerself some fine grog, the finest in the land an' we'll be dancin' the hornpipe 'for you know it! An' also just to let ye know there's lots of buried treasure in this here post. Ye just haf ta dig it up!!

Yo, even the cats are pillaging and plundering!


Renny and Tor, your Viking ways are fitting right in. An' if yer inclined to want to do some deep discussion and analysis, take a gander over at the Pirate Personality Test but before you do that, get your pirate name at the pirate name generator an' identify yerself, or ye will have to walk the plank!!

Irish Church Lady, your pirate name is
Bess the Rough

What is YOUR pirate name?

Melli lead the way wit' yer pirates hat an' all ye pirates and wenches can get yer hats there too! Put 'em on yer blog with yer grog an' yer frog. (Oh I like the way that sounds!) An' dar's Viking hats dar too!

Arrrrr Mateys! Did ye know that the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie ~ At World's End is being released on May 25 but the trailer is just being released today! Check it out by clicking on the title above. Those Disney Scalliwags! That thar player appears t' be broken. Scoundrels!!!

Ahoy some fun and some rum in the sun wouldn't you say? Now are ye up for that Mar with' yer big Magnum of Dom??? What 'bout ye Maribeth, you're being awfully quiet over thar!? What are ye up to??

An' all ye other wenches, bums and blaggarts ~ make yerself heard!!!
Aye that's the spirit o' Johnny, ah, er, I'm mean Cap'n Jack Sparrow.
(Jack Sparrow "Chicken Dance" clips) (Gattina - specially for you ~ click here)

Ahoy me mates and beauties! Now I can tell that with the grog youse are all gettin' a wee bit frisky on me ;-) . So I think it's time to vote for the best pirate pick up line of the partay!

Now I bid you adieu with some fine video from the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie ~ Dead Man's Chest ~ only these are extra piratey becausing they're filled with lots of pirate mistakes and lots of laughing.
They're Dead Man's Chest bloopers!
Enjoy mates!

Thanks to ye all for showin' yer pirattitude!
An' don't be forgettin' that the annual TLAPD (Talk Like a Pirate Day) is on September 19.
Be there or be .... not talkin' like a pirate!

Tamarrah we be needin' some more Coffee (2 Go) so we be headin' to Sanni's port of Berlin, Germany. Rest up lads!


Captain Lifecruiser said...

Shiver me timbers! Blimey!

Ye scallywags!!!

Smartly someone, hand me some grogs - at least a couple in row is needed!

Goofy Girl said...

Arrrr yous made me laugh with this post matey!!

Jacquotte The Horny said...

Ha! I be still a Captain accordin' t' t' pirate profile generator! But me pirate name be now Jacquotte T' Horny (laughin'!) and Mr Lifecruiser be Keeper Sylvester.

Now we be off t' fill up our cargo room with supplies t' keep our bilge rats happy so they not throw us in the bunghole.

Kelly Cat said...

Arrrrr! Ahoy, mate, this is the Kelly Cat, another one of 2000 Bloggers on the wild and wide-open seas of the World Wide Web.

Anyway, just dropped by to join the pirate fun. The handsome longhaired ginger cat looks as though it could be a pirate if it wanted to.

mar said...

And here I was thinking good thing we left Barcelona because of today's strong winds and look at this!!! Here is Anne the Mad trying her best and learning that pirate talk!! The pirate decoration is lovely! now I will enjoy my fave pirate and watch that video...

Gattina said...

Oh gosh ! I think we crossed our ideas ! I read Mrs. Lifecruiser and went immediately back to write about the fact that we chased the pirates away !! Now I wonder if the selfless lady who wanted to safe us, was you ? Even the pikipimp thing I digged out of my "favourites" isn't that strange ?? Thanks for the quick draw, but I would have choosen another model then this neutral sex symbol ! I prefer more male types ! So I continue with my cats (Arthur for example) !

RennyBA said...

Whooooo, Pirates - It's great to be a pirate!!! As a Viking I easily fell into that role as I love to swear or at least being naughty! I've just visited Jacquotte The Horny , she is so inspiring;-)

Thanks for the Grog, but I always have Norwegian moonshine in my pocket and you can all have a taste!

My pirate name is Privateer Kidd the Wicked Stubble! I took the test of course and among others it says:
'You will call anyone out and cut off their head if they show any sign of taking you on or backing down..."

This is raw, funny and exciting and I just love the way this Cyber Cruise has turned out:-)

Hootin'Anni said...

A pirate pilfering all our valuables!! How dare ye bring your crew aboard our cruise ship!! "Take that"

Oh this is fun...I love pirate pilfering!!

A pilfering? I love pilferingss. Drinks all around!



Melli said...

Ahoy! Castaway Bessy the Salty Tongue here to the rescue!!!

Move over LC! My Pirate Profile says I am Cap'n material!!! ROFL! Must be all the pilfering and plunging I like to do!!!

Heeeeere little pirate... c'mon... c'mere boy! hehehe... this one's goin' in the drink! *w* *TOSSES pirate overboard like he was just a sack of trash!* Ooo... that was fun! I think I'll get another!

Yo HO! Yo HO!
The Pirate is all wet!
Yo HO! Yo HO!
But TWO will make a set!

Oh, Irish Church Lady! I'm SO sorry the pirates have taken over our ship! I know you had a really exciting and FUN destination for us to get to today... and maybe we will yet! But ... first... I gotta get this PIRATE off my back!!!

Yo Ho! Yo HO!
I need a bit of rum!
Yo Ho! Yo HO!
I'll send them on the run!

And just SEE if they get their hands on my HATS!!! Stupid pirates!

Sanni said...

Yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me.

We pillage, we plunder, we rifle and loot.
Drink up me 'earties yo ho!
We kidnap and pillage and don't give a hoot.
Drink up me 'earties yo ho!

Yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me.

We extort, we pilfer, we filch and sack.
Drink up me 'earties yo ho!
Maraud and embezzle and even hijack.
Drink up me 'earties yo ho!

Yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me.

We kindle and char and inflame and ignite.
Drink up me 'earties yo ho!
We burn up the city, we're really a fright.
Drink up me 'earties yo ho!
We're rascals, and scoundrels, and villains, and knaves.
Drink up me 'earties yo ho!
We're devils and black sheep and really bad eggs.
Drink up me 'earties yo ho!

Yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me.

What great fun - I have to search my shoes now: being a pirate is all about the accessories... and crushing men's skulls between me thighs!

Sanni, aka "Flora the Tarred" - daydreaming of Cap´n Jack Sparrow =)

Salix Tree said...

Ahoy me hearty wenches! Arr, luvly day fer a-sailin! Gar! Wer's me grog nuw?

Jacquotte The Horny said...


Cap'n urges: let's splice t' mainbrace lads 'n lasses, roll t' barrels forward t' let t' bilge rats be drunk! N' let'em be drunk as t' scurvy dogs they are!


TorAa said...

What a mess. Pirotes on this cruise. Must have slept for a while or taken off my Viking Casque and put away my hammer. Too much Mjod, perhaps. But we did not steal papas from the Irish l'abbees.
And all those Pirate drinks:
Sex with Captain Morgan? No, as a Viking I prefere Sex with Miss Morgan or Sex in the Tree. (Hammock included on the cruise, I presume).

I go straight to the hammock. GoodDay, you Pirate;))

Awsome post. Love it. Big surprise, to be attacked by pirates.

L.L. Barkat said...

Do pirates talk? I thought they only grunted and so forth. Maybe I could pull off talking like one if I blogged at 3:00 a.m.

0cean Lady said...

"Legless Doris Slasher here, Avast! I'll get them with me cutlass!"

Debbie said...

Anne with Green here!! I did make the status of Cap'n!

I have never seen the bloopers before and they were great! I haven't watched the movie yet but it is in my stockpile for summer vacation! I know I am a bad pirate! just (don't hurt me) not a big Depp fan when he does his Jack Sparrow thing!

This was fun!

RennyBA said...

Look what you did last Saturday: Lifecruisers emptied the shops in Oslo!. LoL

Cap'n Jacquotte The Horny said...

Arrrrr! Have ye digged enough deep yet me heartys?

(Explanation be t' found on me ship)

Cap'n Jacquotte The Horny said...

Do nay forget t' swear an' be naughty sea dogs an' land lubbers!

Ya horn swollgin' scallywag!

Maribeth said...

I've given my self to the Pirate and now that they've ravished me they promise to let us pass in peace!
(Personally, I hope they come back!) LOL

Cap'n Jacquotte The Horny said...

Wow! How goodlookin' ye be in that ascessories Gattina!

A wee friendly warning: th' ones without a real sea dog name will keel haul th' plank says Irish Shipmate Church Lady! Get one t' yersef smartly!

Ya scallywag whut deserves the black spot!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Ahoy ye swabbies, I`ve jus' finished gettin' me dubloon fer today!

Aye, a wee bit o' gold but gold nonetheless.

Arrrrrrr! I see the PIRATE PLAYER be nay working. Those Disney scoundrels!!! Click 'ere and ye sea dogs be watchin' it in no time.

I see thar's a few scalliwags who did the Pirate Pick Up Line quiz. Ya scurvy cur who ortin' t' be keel hauled!

Goofy Girl ~ you speak piratease! But you be wearin' a disguise cause we know ye`re actually Privateer Maria Lindsey!!! Ya sneaky sea dog!

Jacquotte The Horny ~ aye ye be keepin' the grog flowin' I see and the wenches wenchin'. You're a fine lass and Keeper Sylvester is a keeper too! Arrrrr!

Kelly cat ~ ye can be spottin' a straddlin' sea dog a mile away! Hands off! He's mine!

Anne the Mad ~ aye yer not but ye just act like ye are! Ahoy ya lily livered bilge rat!

Gattina ~ or is it really Jennifer Bastard Arse? ~ well thar be a split opinion on this Davy Jones enemy, Cap'n Jack Sparrow. Some of the wenches think he's grand. T' each 'is own, ye buccaneer!

Privateer Kidd the Wicked Stubble ~ Ye could be spotted an island away! Thar's a gid baye. Pass over the moonshine. Now! An' thar be lots more pilferin' in Oslo mate!

Ootin' Anni ~ ye best be pilfering some mor' rum for de rest of us! This is one big harbour!! Aye!

Bessy the Salty Tongue ~ ye be a rhyming wench of a lassie! Avast!! An' mind yer hats!!

Flora the Tarred ~ we all like ye singin' an' we think we see Cap'n Jack between yer thighs!!! Aye, he be.

Salix Tree - Welcome ya scurvy cur! 'ave some more grog an' we keep sailin' t' get t' know each other better!

TorAa, Cap'n Morgan, Miss Morgan ~ ye all be tied up in de hammock! Ye be frisky wit' all dat rum!!

Catherine Hagerty Honest Man (LL Barkat) ~ aye dar be no rest for a pirate with piratitude!

Legless Doris Slasher ~ aye ye be right at 'ome 'ere in the sea. Keep the landlubbers at bay!

Cap'n Anne with Green ~ ye best be friendly wit' Davy Jones thar, mate! An' keep yer friendlies away from Cap'n Jack for those that fancy 'im! Aye aye!

Jacquotte The Horny an' all 'er mates ~ An' now I'm swillin' me grog and payin' a visit to all ye scurvy dogs. Yer piratitude be nary a smile away! Avast ye urchins!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

'ootin' Anni ~ I can't git to yer blog! Me pirate enemies are thwartin' me! Arrrrrr! I be back lassie, when yer troubles are behind ye.

Cap'n Jacquotte The Horny said...


I an' me jacks be attackin' ye on th' ship starboard now an' a terrible swashbuckle bursts ou'.

After th' fights an' th' battle o' th' ship thar be festivities all night long an' th' captain be totally loaded t' th' gunwhales an' gone until mornin'. That be fer true.

Ya scurvy dogs!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Maribeth ~ why are you all hot an' flustered?!! hee hee Pirates are gone home now! We will enter the harbour for Berlin shortly. I know ye will be lookin' forward t' it! Ye buxom beauty! (couldn't resist!)

Mother of Invention said...

Hey,my first pirate attack and it was great fun! I got picked up! Next time I'm putting an invitation flag on the mast and whistle them on board!

Balou said...

Arg ye matey's! "Keeper Long Arse" here accordin' to the pirate namer. I'm not sure why I'd be keeping a long arse but it must be important! Maybe there's a Prince Long Arse out there and I be keepin' him! Finders keepers!

Carol said...

Honest to God, I'm gonna remember this post the next time someone tells me I'm nuts! ROFL...LOVE the pirate kitty!

You are one funny chick, ICL Matey!!

It's nice to know I'm not the only crazy woman out on Blogger....LOL.