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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dis an' Dat

In honour of yesterday's screaming out loud rant post, I've decided that I enjoy saying this and that or rather 'dis and dat. So for today's post, I'm gonna tell you to do dis and dat.

You may choose to oblige and do da dis and dat dat I tell you. Or you may ignore me but call me a dumb kumquat and den go home. (See it really is contagious isn't it?)

Maybe I'm just missing talking like a pirate and am using this as a substitute drug. Oh well, I'm not paying you for my psychoanalysis.

Here's da dis an' dat:

Go here to see dis. Warning ~ very sentimental!! *snort*

Go dere to see dat. It really happened!

Go over dere to see dis. Very funny video!!

Oh and check this out! I put a post up on 2KBloggers about the Cyber Cruise.

2k Bloggers Check out my post on 2K Bloggers. If you are a member of 2KBloggers you can post on that blog. This is my second post. Here was my first. It was an interview with a fellow 2K blogger, Jas Chocolate.

Oh and I can't forget about our speaking Italian day over at RennyBA's Terella where we visit the grandness that is Rome on the Cyber Cruise. Good times!

An' when yer done with dat, tell me all about it! Heeeeee

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Gattina said...

Ciao bella ! Ho letto da Signora Lifecruiser che ti piace di parlare italiano ! Forse devi correspondere con Signore Gattino (lol)
With your dit and dat you almost wrote german, but certainly dutch, because that means dat in dutch and dass in german. Oh my ! I hope you will get confused enough, et le français ? Les Canadiens parlent le français aussi !
Ciao, salut, tschüss, byby !

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Oui, c'est vrais, Gattina, les Canadiens parlent le français aussi, mais pas moi, seulement une peu.

As you told me before, I called my husband my wife!!!

You make me laugh! So do you think I have a future in dutch and german languages too? LOL

Arrivederci, bella!

chase said...

Those were nice links you presented! Dit can be Norwegian too!

And I really like the cyber cruise since I got to know nice people like you.

RennyBA said...

Your a true fellow A-Team cruiser - thanks for plugging me and also for enjoying the time in Rome with me!
Dinner will be served later on tonight:-)

Maribeth said...

Hey, dis and dat, funny how swe picked the same subject line! Great minds!

Captain Merengue Lifecruiser said...

I'm still in Merengue land shaking loss - and drinking Cuba Libre!!!!

L.L. Barkat said...

Speaking Italian day. Oh boy. Does Latin count? Or can I talk pasta?

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Chase ~ thank you! How sweet of you to say that. You're my new best friend!

Renny ~ your welcome. Us pirates are good at plugs!

Maribeth ~ yes what a coinkidink!

Cap'n ~ yes I saw you salsaing! I tried it too!

LL ~ Pasta talk is the best! After that we can eat it!!!