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Saturday, March 24, 2007

I'm crabby but still cruisin'

Having a loverly day at Chesapeake Beach, Maryland with Melli and all her friends! Of course, I'm on the Cyber Cruise with Cap'n Mrs Lifecruiser. She's a blast! Hey if you're looking for someone fun to hang out with, she's your man ... ah ... er ... I'm mean lady.

Hey you don't have to be a regular cruiser to spend the day with us at any port. Just comment away, once, twice, many times and tell us what you're up to while you tour that port. Show us what you bought on your blog! Share similar experiences. The more the merrier!

It look's like this Cyber Cruisin' may be around to stay for awhile so hop on board. More details below.

Rant follows ....

So I picked up this great T-shirt in Maryland, after I stuffed myself with crab, because I felt it would only be fair that I should wear this T-shirt on certain days for fair warning.

Some days (like some days this week!) I feel so angry like I could tear a strip off someone. I know it's only the hormones but it feels like it comes so frequently now and so intense. I don't like feeling this way (oh ya, who does?).

I can't like clock out of work for a week every month (ya my fuse has been really short with some people this week but I managed to keep it under control) and shut down my blog and ignore my family so that I don't have to deal with any one for these days. OK I was just kidding about the blog part. LOL No, but I mean I get really sensitive sometimes and I need to just chill out.

Like I'll use an example of my dear dear friend Gattina. Yesterday she posted about today's Cyber Cruise port and the previous day's Cyber Cruise port but forgot to mention mine, which was yesterday. (Thanks for the visits y'all BTW!) It was an honest mistake. I had signed up for that port late. She had pulled the schedule down onto her laptop earlier, before I had been added.

Of course I pointed it out to her and she promptly apologized and corrected, such a sweet thing! But here I was thinking it was a slight against me? Am I on crackers?

Here's another werk example, I send an email asking for clarification on something, I get a response back with a long winded answer with more info than I asked for and no direct answer to my question. Please, just answer the feckin' question people!!

Will it take more time or not with this additional scope and if so how much? Don't tell me that well you're going to do this, and then you're going to do that and then you're going to pick your nose ... and? So is all of this nose picking and dis and dat included in your original estimate or what? I can't read minds!! Hellllllloooooooo!

Nor do I care that you are planning to pick your nose after you dis it and dat it! All I want to know as project manager is did you screw up your first estimate and now we need to alter course (so to speak Cap'n heee) or can dis and dat and nose picks be absorbed by your first estimate. Don't try to hide behind how complicated it is.

If you did your freakin' homework up front and researched it a little more you would have known how complicated it was when you did your first low a$$ ball estimate. That's called accountability, nerd face. Now you expect me to flower it all up for you because you missed the boat (heeee! see I can still laugh with these cruise references!)

OK, a legitimate scope change requested by the customer, I'm right behind you buddy and will back yer a$$ up all the way to Chesapeake Bay. I'll friggin' document it and get it signed off and your little wee hiny will be smelling so sweet we will all want to kiss it and mine too! ah ... er .. well never mind.

All of the above was said about a person who I have great respect for. So why am I all whiney a$$ about this person because I am so hormonal or fucked up. (Hey, did you notice I used all of the other slang terms for the F word before now in this post and now only have to resort to using the actual word because, well frankly, we're talking about me here, and this is the only word that fits!!)

I won't even go into the family side of things, well because, that's just too cruel, on my part. It's is them, not me. But my hormonal imbalance probably doesn't help the situation. 'nuff said.

Plus, I like cry at the drop of Melli's hat (LOL, couldn't resist Mel), for anything sentimental or sad. Sheeesssh! I cry at church for dog's sake, because the readings or homily touches me. It's so embarrassing. Oh and of course, in church (well not just church), we pray for others and ourselves and our families and while I am doing that before mass starts, I'm start to tear up! I can't take it anymore!!!!

I just want to laugh and have fun and do fun things! All advices and empathies graciously accepted. You can even use the F word and tell me to suck it up!

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Pam said...

Woman...I'm tellin' ya....I totally feel your pain. In an unbelievalbe symbiotic way.

For me...it's a soy protein chocolate shake, B vitamins and St. John's Wort. And not just any off the shelf product...it's Shaklee. Only Shaklee works like it says it will. It's what keeps me from going to the looney bin or being on Rx antidepressants. And it's called perimenopause. Ain't that just frickin' amazing. It was hell starting this phase of life...and it's hell finishing. You'd think with all this experience we could sail right on thru...I think, in this instance, ignorance was bliss.
I cry when the commercial for "Planet Earth" shows the shark eating the sea lion, I cry when I stop at Emergency Vets on Animal Planet, I cry reading books. I am tired of being so...damn raw.

Tug said...

I LOVE that shirt!! And get where you're coming from, thus my love of wine. heh. Good excuse, huh? When I get beyond stressed, as cheap as I am (& I AM cheap), I'll book a massage...& not just anywhere - day spa where it's all about relaxation. I take my time there, letting it engulf me. Afterwards I'll treat myself (again with the usually too cheap to do it) to a nice bookstore with expensive coffee, find a book or magazine & just sit. By myself, answering to no one. Parks with my camera work, too...just unplug from the world for awhile. Re-energize.

RennyBA said...

Your such a great A-team cruiser and really this t-shirt was great - well, at least I love crabs LoL!
Sorry I haven't been around but are ready to welcome you to Rome tomorrow!

kailani said...

Wow, looks like a lot has been going on for you lately!

I love that crab shirt. My dad is the sign of cancer . . . he would love it!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Pam ~ thanks for the empathy. When you know this is happening to others it somehow eases the burden, though I wouldn't wish this on anyone!

But ~ some good news, I managed not to cry in church today, though I came close, twice. Once while praying and once during a most awesome rendition of Ave Maria. It was like being in a concert hall. Unbelieveable.

Tug ~ Thanks to you too, Tugs for the great ideas. I may search and deploy!! lol

Renny ~ Thank dog you love crabs or you wouldn't be wanting to cruise with me for too long. ha ha I 'crab' myself up!

Kailani ~ Tell your Dad to get his own!! (There was that crabby enough?)

Christie said...

oh my gosh, the crying! i'm with you sister! i'm a hormonal mess (even without the pregenancy on top of it). i cry at the homilies too and when I'm praying for others before church and feel like such a chump trying to sneak my finger up to my eye and wipe away my tears. i think i cried at a jc penney commercial the other day. it's bad. i usually shut myself away from the world when i get all hormonal but that's probably not the best thing to do! haha! hope you feel better!

Christie said...

oh and ps.!! i just bought the exact same thing only in a mug at the baltimore airport!! love it!

Lisa said...

Oh ICL! I love ya' lots-even if you are crabby. :-) We all get that way sometimes. I certainly have missed your wonderful sense of humor. Hope this week is going better for you. :Hugs:

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Christie ~ no you've got a good excuse to be all hormonal and stuff! I know I do too kinda but it's not for such a good reason as yours!! How cool is that that you picked up the crabby cup too!

Lisa ~ missed you lots and thank you for your kind words :-)