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Friday, March 16, 2007

Officially Speaking

New Video posted at ICL Videos
Just created a whole post and lost it!
The word verification was not working.
Bottom line: Tonight's Office was a repeat.


Oscar comes back from 'gaycation'

Dwight resigned from Dunder-Mifflin is working at Staples.

Andy was bugging the hell out of Michael and Jim and Pam.

Michael says (about Andy): I can't understand how someone can be so out of touch with his outer self. (or something like that ~ now isn't that the pot calling the kettle black!)

Jim and Pam retaliate by hiding his cell phone in the ceiling.
Andy gets so mad and punches a wall.

Dwight is hired back, but refuses to handle Michaels dry cleaning any longer.

Andy Bernard is gone to Anger Management classes for 10 weeks as requested by Corporate.
Both of these are pretty funny. Andy at his best.

The Office: The Best of Andy Bernard, Vol 1

The Office: The Best of Andy Bernard, Vol 2

I'm gonna miss Big Tuna calling Andy!


Lisa said...

Gaycation. I think I'm going on that next week. Hee hee!

Christie said...

hahaha! we literally must have commented at the same time, i left my office comment in your seven drunken nights post before you posted your office post. sorry you lost it! bugger! bugger!
anyway, these were some of my favorite episodes. loved steven: "hi. hi. hi. hi." gaycation, hilarious! i actually hated andy more than i ever dislike michael and actually felt bad for michael! ooh, and the makeup and hair! too funny. thanks for the shout out!!

mist1 said...

I liked all the extra scenes...or was I passed out on the couch the first time around?

Steven Novak said...

I FINALLY got around to watching Office Space, and I actually like it.

Go figure...something popular is actually good. ;)


Mrs Lifecruiser said...

I've never actually seen Office... I don't even know if it is shown over here in Sweden, must check up!

Ship ahoy! We miss you :-) Time to do some heavy seightseeing in Stockholm! All man on deck!

Be sure to be here in time before we're pulling in the gangplank or you'll have to swim out to the ship....

Sanni said...

I haven´t watched it either... it´s not broadcasted in Germany.

I´m looking forward to visit your secret destination on the cruise =)

Have a great weekend!