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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Poodle Doodles

My sister got a new puppy named Crosby. Well guess who now has joined their family as well? Crosby's sister, Winnie.

Turns out that Winnie is not as hyper-allergenic as they hoped. Her Dad had bad allergies so they were looking for a home for her and my sister scooped her up. What's one more puppy, right?

Different hair textures, colours and personalities, but two beautiful dogs.

See them interact with mine in the following video. Watch for the ginger cat on the chair trying to take all the action in.

Foto Pherrets ~ Bird on ICL is at Home

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Sparky Duck said...

holy cow are they cute or what

Goofy Girl said...

Woof!!! Cute cute cute! Watching doggies play is just so fun!

Cheeky said...

OMG the tan one looks like my old dog Barney. EXACT! I left him with mom and dad when I got married and moved away and dad fell in love with him. He died a few years ago but we still love him just the same.

Although I have my cats I still sorta want a doggie again.

kailani said...

They are so cute! I wish I could get a puppy but I can barely remember to feed my cats!

Bob-kat said...

How adorable! They look like happy doggies all playing together.

Yhanks for dropping by my blog and leaving your kind comments. It has been a trying week and it has lifted my spirit to find comments from people like yourself :-)